Rahu Gem Stone - Gomad

Gomedh or Hessonite is the gem stone for Rahu. But Rahu is one of the malefic planets in astrology. Most of the Raaj yogas depend on Rahu, he is the backbone in human body, weak Rahu may not help you achieve professional success, popularity. But handling that Strong Rahu is tough too. Wearing Rahu stone Gomedh may activate the intensity of Rahu in your life whether its positive or negative. Here are few factors you need to follow while choosing Gomedh for you.

Wearing Gomed may alter the intensity of Rahu in your life but not the intention of Rahu.

So first find out whats the intention of Rahu in your horoscope, whether its positive or negative.

If Rahu is placed in positive houses like your Lagna, 4th, 7th 5th house then better not to touch Rahu stone Gomed, it may give tendency to achieve everything in life in a short cut way, enhancing unethical elements in your life.

Wearing Gomed will be risky if Rahu is posited in watery sign in your horoscope. It may make you more impractical, dreamy, without focus running behind illusion etc.

Rahu is good for profession related to Import/export, aviation Industry, Film industry, acting, IT Industry etc. So wearing Gomedh may give boost in career for above professionals, provided Rahu is in horoscope not in 8th, 9th or 7th house.

Never wear Gomed if rahu is posited in 7th house of partnership, it may ruin your marriage or can lead you to illicit relationship.

Rahu is the significator of manipulation, ambition, popularity, foreign linkup, blackmailing, selfish behavior, risk taking, taboo breaking, cunningness, rebellious etc. So wearing Rahu gem stone may enhance many positive and negative signification of Rahu in our life mostly sky high and impractical ambition will be one of them.

Only go for wearing Gomedh if Rahu is posited in your chart either 11th, 6th, 3rd houses that’s too if Rahu is posited in nakshatra of functional malefic planets of horoscope.

If Rahu is one of the yoga causing planet in your chart then you can wear Gomedh only if Rahu mahadasha is running.

Mostly political leaders and film actors wear Gomed to have speedy success and fame in life but then by product of boosting Rahu energy in life will surly take away your domestic happiness & mental peace, honesty in life.

Never wear Gomed with Yellow Sapphire.

You may wear Gomed in silver ring for middle finger.

During brighter phase of Moon (Shukla Paksha) Saturday Morning before Sun rise, Gomedh should be worn.

Any gem stone can deliver maximum 25% positive result if selected gemstone is pure, authentic, purified before wearing it and induced well with energy of planet by reciting particular mantras.