Jupiter Transit To Virgo For Tula Lagna

Financially this phase not gona be a very sound one; though Jupiter is not the lord of finance house for Libra Ascendant people still being a planet for expansion, sitting in the house of expense and waste will surly make you expense more during this phase.

There can be tendency of changing job or switching career option during this transit as Jupiter will be aspecting the house of service/job 6th from 12th house being 3rd lord.

Transfer of Job or relocation can be very much possible for Libra Ascendant people during this Transit of Jupiter to 12th house.

Spiritual or religious activity will be occupying major part of this transit or some pilgrimage as Jupiter will be in Moksha house 12th from there will be aspecting the house of occult 8th.

Be cautious about health of your spouse specially stomach can give some trouble on and off while Jupiter being 6th away from 7th house,6th represents bad health.

There will be lots of scopes for charity and helping others for Libra Ascendant people.

Those who are in school having basic education, will get tough time concentrating in studies.

While handling property related matters be careful as its 6th lord Jupiter who will be aspecting 4th house of property from 12th house.

Here for Libra Ascendant people Jupiter is representing 6th house of enemy and disease who will be aspecting 4th house of domestic happiness or mental peace. Through out the time either the person will not be able to spend much time with family or some misunderstanding will bring chaos at home.

Take care of your speech specially when Jupiter will be in conjunct with Rahu in December you may hurt people with your foolish commitment or harsh words as 2nd is the house of speech. Rahu the planet of deception can twist your wordings.

Those who are planning to opt for some loan can surly go ahead, house of loan 6th house will be aspected by its own lord from 12th house which can give strong chances of getting good amount of loan during this phase for Libra Ascendant people only skip the time when Jupiter will be Retrograde.

For Libra Ascendant, its 3rd lord transiting to 12th house of foreign, so those who are thinking of changing city or country will be having good chances to get materialized if Dasha supports that too. Foreign trip for official or pleasure purpose can be possible.

During the transit of 13 months in Virgo Jupiter will be crossing 3 nakshatras – U. Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra. Till 10 Degree of Virgo Jupiter will be in Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra so the exact result will be depending on where the nakshatra lord Sun is posited in chart. As it is 12th lord for Virgo Ascendant People, that may give travel, pilgrimage, hospitalization etc. Good phase will be for those who are working in medical or transportation field. Till 23Degree 20 Min of Virgo Jupiter will be traversing through 11th house lord Nakshatra Moon, that can give financial gain, good gathering with family and friends, boost in elder sibling life etc. Lastly Jupiter transiting though 3rd and 8th lord nakshatra Chitra phase will give some depression, clueless phase, more interest in occult, health issue etc.