Jupiter Transit To Virgo For Kark Lagna

Jupiter will be moving to earthy sign Virgo on 11th of August for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be neither in too good position or too bad, kind of neutral condition in Mercury’s natural 6th sign Virgo. For Cancer Ascendant it’s the lord of 6th and 9th house transiting to 3rd house of Virgo.

Father of Cancer Ascendant people will be feeling lucky and positive during this time as Jupiter will be aspecting its own sign Pisces 9th house of father.

Jupiter in Virgo will give a great time for students those who are opting for higher education as its gona have direct 7th aspect on its own 9th house.

During this phase those Cancerians who are in the field of communication, transportation, writing, media, presentation, journalism, Tours & travel will be experiencing good gain.

During this Transit Cancer people may make many knowledgeable and noble friends as Jupiter will be posited 5th from 11th house also giving aspect to 11th.

At work place keep yourself cool as there can be some blame game with colleague specially when Jupiter will be Rx and crossing U. phalguni.

As Jupiter being the lord of long journey house 9th going to transit in 3rd house of short trip, Cancer Ascendant people may have some travel if Dasha supports too.

6th being the house of obstacles and enemy, Jupiter will be transiting to 3rd house of sibling and neighbors may give some conflict with them, so try to avoid it.

There will be good get together or harmony with younger siblings or cousins, friends during this Jupiter in Virgo phase.

Cancer People can be benefited from friends or older sibling during this phase as Jupiter will be aspecting 11th house of friends.

Those Cancerians who are planning for Tying knot since a long can only go for it if Dasha is highly supportive as Jupiter being 6th lord aspecting 7th house of spouse may not give marriage so easily. So marriage proposal can be there but to materialize it, Dasha should support it too. In Virgo sign Jupiter will be crossing three Nakshatra. Till 10 Degree OF Virgo Jupiter will be in Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra so the exact result will be depending on where the nakshatra lord Sun is posited in chart. As it is 2nd lord for Cancer Ascendant People, that will give good financial gain for those who are inloss in investment or little delay in getting dues. Till 23Degree 20 Min of Virgo Jupiter will be traversing through 1st house lord Nakshatra Moon, that can give restless behavior, dissatisfaction in many aspects of life. Lastly Jupiter transiting through 5th and 10th lord nakshatra Chitra phase will give some good boost in career or those who were thinking of starting their own venture can be suitable for them if Dasha allows. Good phase will be for those who are working in communication or transportation field.