Jupiter Transit To Virgo For Scorpio Lagna

Jupiter will be moving to earthy sign Virgo on 11th of August for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be neither in too good position or too bad, kind of neutral condition in Mercury’s natural 6th sign Virgo. For Scorpio Ascendant it’s the lord of 2nd & 5th lord transiting to 11th house of Virgo, which may give a ease up time for all the Scorpio natives after a long.

Sitting in 11th house of Leo, Jupiter will be aspecting 3rd,5th and 7th house, which will be good for short trip, getting new collaboration with people.

Professionally this is going to be a favorable period as Jupiter will be in house of profit being house of finance 2nd lord. After Saturn transit since so long it can be a relief for Scorpio people cause of coming Jupiter transit.

For Scorpio Ascendant, this phase will give good social circle, noble and wise friends as the planet of expansion Jupiter will be in 11th house.

Elder sibling of Scorpio People will be beneficial during this time but there will not be much benefit from the elder one.

Scorpio Ascendant people those who were waiting for promotion or increment in salary can have those due promotion now if dasha is favorable too.

Those Scorpio Ascendant people who were waiting for getting married since long can get married during this time if dasha allows as Jupiter will be aspecting the house of marriage 7th being 2nd and 5th lord. Further double transit will also support till early next year.

Social life of Scorpio people will be improving, meeting with close relatives, siblings, cousins, friends are very much in card in upcoming days as Jupiter sitting in 11th will be aspecting 3rd house.

Scorpio Ascendant people those who are going through some legal issues can expect good result out of it as 11th house is 6th from 6th.

As Jupiter will be aspecting 5th house of own sign, that can be beneficial for all the Scorpio students specially when Jupiter will be traversing through 9th lord Hasta nakshatra.

As here for Scorpio Ascendant people Jupiter being the benefic planet will be transiting through 11th house of gain, so overall rate of success in career or anything will be high.

First child of Scorpio people will do better in life have some positive progress throughout this time as 5th lord Jupiter will be aspecting own house 5th.

All Scorpio Ascendant people may have their lost love back or chances of getting someone special in life if Dasha allows too.

It’s a good positioning for those who are planning to earn little extra from speculation market or who are already in speculation market.

Your friends will be very much analytical towards almost everything. Your best friend can behave as your best critic too during this period. Jupiter in Analytical sign Virgo will expand its capability to be as a hair splitter.

In Virgo sign Jupiter will be crossing three Nakshatra. Till 10 Degree of Virgo Jupiter will be in Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra so the exact result will be depending on where the nakshatra lord Sun is posited in chart. But as its 10th lord for Scorpio Ascendant People, that may give promotion in job, salary increment or new job offer too. Till 23Degree 20 Min of Virgo Jupiter will be traversing through 9th house lord Nakshatra Moon, that can give short trip away from home. That will be a good phase for all the students too. Lastly Jupiter transiting though 1st and 8th lord nakshatra Chitra phase will can give gain from loan, some investment plan etc.