Jupiter Transit To Virgo For Kanya Lagna

Jupiter will be moving to earthy sign Virgo on 11th of August for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be neither in too good position or too bad, kind of neutral condition in Mercury’s natural 6th sign Virgo. For Virgo Ascendant it’s the lord of 4th and 7th house transiting to Ascendant.

Your partner or spouse will be having growth in life, good opportunity may knock at his/her door. You may experience more enthusiasm in your partner.

If Dasha allows then many Virgo Ascendant people can get married during this time when Jupiter will be aspecing 7th house of spouse.

Jupiter's positioning in Ascendant thats too in a neutral sign is always beneficial as its going to aspect trine houses too from there; so Virgo people will have better luck support, smoother time than 2015.

Sitting in first house 7th lord Jupiter will be aspecting its own sign in 7th house, can bring good collaboration with people or many proposals for so.

Jupiter's aspect in 9th house will give good boost to those who are pursuing higher education, after all Jupiter is the natural significator of 9th house Dharma.

Virgo Students will be having really good time as Jupiter's one aspect on 5th, the house of endurance will keep them on the track, even those who are going through bad Mahadasha, 50% of the result will be altered during this transit.

As natural 6th sign of Virgo means obstruction, so whatever Virgo people will be engaging themselves during this phase will be done after a break or after giving little effort. Nothing will be done in one go.

During this phase there will be a tendency of being too much critical on others or being hair splitter on every issue you will come across. Jupiter being the planet of expansion when will be in analytical sign Virgo will expand such qualities more over sitting in Ascendant will bring such changes in personality.

Virgo Ascendant people will feel enough optimism and confidence during the entire period of this transit.

As Virgo is the natural 6th house which denotes employment or environment at workplace, Jupiter sitting there in 1st house Virgo can bring little conflict with the seniors at work place.

There can be tendency of gaining some weight, after all Jupiter is the sole producer of fats sitting in ascendant can expand your body.

Father of Virgo Ascendant people will be having quite fortunate time and overall good progression during this transit.

Virgo Ascendant people may plan for children as Jupiter being natural significator of Son, can bless with a child if dasha allows it too but there will be little health complication too in child birth as Jupiter in natural 6th sign Virgo.

During the transit of 13 months in Virgo Jupiter will be crossing 3 nakshatras – U. Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra. Till 10 Degree of Virgo Jupiter will be in Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra so the exact result will be depending on where the nakshatra lord Sun is posited in chart. As it is 12th lord for Virgo Ascendant People, that may give travel, pilgrimage, hospitalization etc. Good phase will be for those who are working in medical or transportation field. Till 23Degree 20 Min of Virgo Jupiter will be traversing through 11th house lord Nakshatra Moon, that can give financial gain, good gathering with family and friends, boost in elder sibling life etc. Lastly Jupiter transiting though 3rd and 8th lord nakshatra Chitra phase will give some depression, clueless phase, more interest in occult, health issue etc.