Jupiter Transit To Virgo For Leo Lagna

Jupiter will be moving to earthy sign Virgo on 11th of August for next 13th months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be neither in too good position or too bad, kind of neutral condition in Mercury’s natural 6th sign Virgo. For Leo Ascendant it’s the lord of 5th and 8th house transiting to 2nd house of Virgo.

As being a benevolent planet Jupiter is going to be placed in one of the houses of Financial Trine, so this is going to be a good period for Leo Ascendant People.

Professionally this is going to be a great period as Jupiter will be aspecting the house of Job/service 6th and house of profession 10th house too. So Leo people can expect some boost in profession during this period if dasha allows that too.

Father of Cancer Ascendant people will be having little trouble with you or he may have some tough time executing his plans in life as Jupiter being a benefic planet is transiting 6th away from 9th house of father.

Jupiter in Virgo will give chance to go for collecting assets or grabbing assets or investing which will be beneficial to you in terms of finance in the long run after all it’s an earthy sign.

This period going to be a very good one those who were waiting for some change in profession or promotion in work place as Jupiter is aspecting house of employment 6th.

During February 2016, Saturn will be transiting to 5th house of Sagittarius too so those who will be thinking 5th lord transiting to 2nd house of finance can bring money through speculation, please have some pause on that, as Saturn sitting in 5th house will slow down that speculative gain next year.

Only during the initial phase of Jupiter transit to Virgo while traversing U. Phalguni nakshatra, Leo Ascendant people can have some gain whether its from speculation or lottery or inheritance if Dasha allows too.

Leo Ascendant people those who are going through some legal issues in inherited assests or property can have some relief time as Jupiter will be aspecting own sign Pisces 8th house of inheritance from 2nd house.

For Leo Ascendant, 2nd house of Virgo is for food intake over there transit of Jupiter can give some love for sweets hence diabetes or weight gain.

As its 8th lord will be aspecting 8th house of secret knowledge or occult, Leo ascendant people will be running behind many astrologers will be having high interest in occult, mantra, tantra.

In Virgo sign Jupiter will be crossing three Nakshatra. Till 10 Degree OF Virgo Jupiter will be in Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra so the exact result will be depending on where the nakshatra lord Sun is posited in chart. As it is Ascendant lord for Leo Ascendant People, that may make Leo people too much religious or interested in occult. After all its 8th house lord who will be in 1st house nakshatra. Till 23Degree 20 Min of Virgo Jupiter will be traversing through 12th house lord Nakshatra Moon, that can give heavy expenditure and pilgrimage, trips etc. Lastly Jupiter transiting through Yoga karak nakshatra Chitra which will give some good luck in grabbing property, winning ancestral battle having good family life etc. if Dasha allows. Good phase will be for those who are in job or employment.