Shani Ratna Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is the one for the planet Saturn. Blue Sapphire and Blue Topaz are different stones, So never expect same result from these two.

Though Saturn is the slowest moving planet but Blue Sapphire, the Gem stone allotted to Saturn acts faster than any other stone in our life. So before looking at Blue Sapphire, we need to keep its fastest action in our mind whether its good or bad according the horoscope.

Only go for Blue Sapphire if Saturn is functional benefic for you in horoscope that’s too Saturn is not in nakshatra of functional malefic.

Never wear Saturn stone Blue Sapphire if Saturn is functional malefic in horoscope. Else it will take a toll in your life.

Many people try Yellow Sapphire mainly cause of two reasons – firstly people think Yellow Sapphire is the only planet which can make them rich over night; secondly maximum Astrologers recommend this Jupiter stone thinking it’s the most benevolent planet so will give lots of gain. So half of the people are wearing Yellow Sapphire which dont suit their horoscope. But never do this kind of ‘Trial and Go’ with Blue Sapphire. It may make or break you over night.

As Saturn is the lord of natural 10th and 11th house in horoscope, which denotes status, karma, success in society, hence Saturn stone Blue Sapphire gives all kinds of credibility, success in life and when status, success comes, finance comes automatically.

Always keep in mind that the result of wearing Blue Sapphire is something so prominent if you wear it without analyzing the Saturn’s intention in your Horoscope, then adverse effect of Blue Sapphire will take ages to undo.

During my consultation I came across many people saying Blue Sapphire is not working though wearing it for few years. So looking at their horoscope I could easy find out those stones were fake which they wore considering Blue Sapphire. After asking the cost of the Sapphire they wore cleared the confusion how some synthetic stone was being considered as Blue Sapphire doesn’t work.

Blue Sapphire brings discipline, methodical action, law and order and love for justice in our life as Saturn signifies all these qualities.

Except Libra,Taurus, Capricorn & Aquarius Ascendant, others should not even think of wearing Blue Sapphire in dreams.

Gemini and Sagittarius Ascendant people can try it if too much interested in taking risk, provided Saturn is posited in Positive house and own or friendly sign that’s too in nakshatra of Functional benefic planet.

Mostly people suffers from depression, negative thought, lethargy, unknown fear, insecurity, poverty, addiction etc of Saturn’s core negative significations; the best part of Blue Sapphire is that, it gives you freedom from all those negativity of Saturn.

Now the most important one, even if Saturn is functional benefic or Yoga karak for you still before touching Blue Sapphire question yourself about your life style. One needs to be in hard core disciplined life and law abiding person for wearing Blue Sapphire; have to say complete No to nonveg, liquor, smoking, lies, else the result will be like Vijay Mallya.

Blue Sapphire should be worn on Saturday of Darker Moon after reciting Saturn Beej Mantra. Preferable timing for wearing Blue Sapphire is just during the Sun set.

Middle finger is allotted to Blue sapphire.

Blue Sapphire should be set on Silver ring where Stone should touch the skin of middle finger.

Never wear Blue Sapphire with Ruby or Red Coral.

Four things you need to check before wearing Blue Sapphire. i) Saturn’s positive intension in your horoscope, ii) no Sun and Saturn conjunction in Raashi chart, iii) You are over sure about your disciplined life style, iv) you got the genuine Blue Sapphire as per purity and shape.

If you are not over sure about above four factors, then make sure you have abandon of money to buy one Blue Sapphire and test it by keeping with you 24x7 for a week or fortnight period. That will surly make the scenario clear. Remember Gem stone can only alter our fortune by 20 to 30% maximum provided it is in proper shape, size & purity.