Vipreet Raj Yoga In Astrology and P. V. Narasimha Rao Kundali

There are so many good and bad Yogas are mentioned in Vedic astrology and some of them are very much controversial also. Vipreet RajYoga is one of the controversial Yogas. As the Name suggest this Yoga will give the result of RajYoga but in adverse conditions. How this Yoga is formed ? If the Lord of the 6th, 8th and 12th aspect each other or exchange or conjoin in these house of the horoscope during the time of birth, then Vipreet Raj Yoga is said to be occoured. It will bless the native with Wealth, Property, Authority, Status, Victry over enemies etc.

This Yoga actually works on the principle of Negative negative makes Positive. In Astrology 6th, 8th and 12th house are called Dusthana houses and these houses signify all sorts of bad results like disease, debt, loss etc. It is a general principle that if any house lord goes to these dusthana houses, attributes of thoses houses will suffer. In the same way wherever the dusthana lord goes or sits, it will hamper that house. For an example, if 8th lord sits in the 2nd house it will hamper the attributes of 2nd house and similarly if 2nd lord goes into the 8th house it will also suffer.

So when these dusthana house lords aspect/conjoin/exchange they tend to destroy the attributes of these trik houses which is actually beneficial for the native. For example destruction of Loss means profit, destruction of defeat means win etc.

But Nowadays we can often see Vipreet Raj Yoga in almost every alternate chart. But do all of them enjoy a king like status ? The answer is a big No.

The Ascendant should be strong Enough to support the chart. Moreover Benefic planets should also be strong. The Kendra houses are known as the piller of a chart, they should not be empty.

The quantum of good result will depend on the strength of benefic planets and Lagna of the horoscope. Moreover Vipreet Raj Yoga is always better if formed by natural malefic planets. It further strengthens if all the dusthana houses are aspected by them. No natural Benefic planet should make any relation with these grahas.

Vipreet Raj Yoga gives sudden rise to a native in respect to risky or very risky opportunities. A native with a very strong horoscope will be able to take benefit out of such risky or very risky opportunities. So only mere presence of this Yoga will not guarantee any good result. The overall strength of the horoscope will determine the end result.

Vipreet Raj Yoga is of three types- Harsha, Vimala and Sarala Yoga.

When the 8th lord and 12th lord occupies Bhava 6th is known as Harsha Yoga. When 6th lord and 12th lord occupies house of 8, is known as Sarala Yoga. Lastly the Vimala Yoga occurs when 6th lord or 8th lord occupies house of 12.

Vipreet Raj Yoga means to present at the right place at the right time.It gives a sudden opportunity through a negative situation. Like in the above mentioned post, when Mr. Rao became PM, country was going through a crisis situation.

Lets discuss a Chart for understanding the Vipreet Rajyoga.. The chart which we will discuss is of Mr. P V Narsimha Rao. His Birth details are as follows.

DOB- 28.06.21 Time-13:02 pm Place-Karim Nagar AP

If we put the details we will get the below chart.

Lagna is Virgo and Lagna Lord is Vargottama. Lagna is aspected by 11th lord Moon. So Lagna is strong. 6th Lord Saturn is in 12th house and 8th Lord and 12th Lord is conjunct in the 10th house. all the dusthana Lord are natural malefic in nature. Saturn is aspecting the 6th house also. Two Kendra 7th and 10th house is occupied by 11th lord and 10th lord respectively. So the chart is having inherent strength in itself which helped the Vipreet Raj Yoga to manifest. He became the PM in the Mahadasa of Mars from no where. Mars gave him the Result of Vipreet Rajyoga.