Emerald For Mercury In Astrology

Emerald is the gemstone allotted to planet Mercury.

So If mercury is functional benefic in your horoscope then one may go for wearing Emerald stone.

If Mercury is benefic in horoscope and sitting in positive houses running through Mercury Mahadasha then wearing emerald stone can be suggested.

Being the gemstone of Mercury, Emerald will enhance Mercurial qualities in life whether on a positive note or negative depending on Mercury’s rulership and positioning in horosocope.

If Mercury is benefic in your kundli then wearing Emerald can positive Mercurial qualities like intelligence, great oratory skill, communication power, sharp mind, academic brilliance, humour, mental strength, reasoning power, logic etc. It also makes a person street smart.

If Mercury is malefic in horoscope then wearing Emerald gem stone can make a person lair, mind always busy making fraud, scamming, cheater, loose talker, stammer, health trouble etc.

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces Ascendant people may wear Emerald provided Mercury is not sitting in inimical nakshatra or inimical house.

To have maximum result of Emerald, one have to choose the genuine stone with good clarity and appropriate size.

One must wear Emerald or any gemstone after purification of stone then inducing Mercurial energy in it by recitation of Mercury Beej Mantra for Specific number of times.

Emerald should be worn on Wednesday Morning of brighter moon (Shukla Paksha) During Sun rise.

Emerald can be used in Gold or silver, copper ring/pendant.

Small finger (Kanishtha) is the one to wear Emerald.

Never wear Emerald with Yellow Sapphire.

Remember your Emerald will boost the lord ship houses of Mercury and where Mercury is posited, so be very careful while deciding to wear it.

No gem stone can 100% mitigate your past karma. So always keep in mind that no gemstone can alter your life more than 15 to 25%.