Astrological Analysis of What Donald Trump's Kundali Says About His Presidential Dream

It was hard finding the real birth timing of American presidential candidate in preliminary stage Mr. Donald Trump.  Most of the famous people has horoscope which doesn’t talk much about their fame or greatness, to find it out you need to go to nakshatra level then utilizing various technique etc. But when it comes to Construction man Donald Trump, every bit of his horoscope says about his life style, achievements and success rate. It seems his planets are as straight forward as his views are.

High Lights Of Horoscope

Ascendant Lord sitting in 5th house Scorpio debilitated and there is no Yoga bhanga factors to Ascendant lord Moon. Though making Raaj Yoga being quadrant lord sitting in trine house 5th.

Finance house lord Sun is sitting in 11th house of gain in conjunction with Rahu. Hence he is power hungry. Running behind money to have more power and authority. Since last one year we all came to know about his sharp tongue, all credit goes to his 2nd house of speech lord Sun with Rahu.

His 7th house lord Saturn is in first house cancer sign which is actually the natural sign for family and happiness in family life. We all know that was highly missing in his though out life, and till date he was married three times. Mostly he got married to different culture and language ladies.

All the planets are in Rahu Ketu grip, that gave him inconsistency in life, he had lack of stability in every aspect of his life whether his professional field or personal. Donald Trump declared bankruptcy thrice till now and three marriages till date. Every time he had to give abandon of push to come out of this Rahu Ketu grip.

He doesn’t have much lucrative Raaj Yogas in his chart, - Damini, Tapaswi, Vimal Viparit Raaj Yog. There are very common to find in many horoscopes.

Why Real Estate Tycoon

Mars is the planet which denotes property also Saturn is for barren land.

Ketu is the planet for construction.

4th house and its lord denotes property.

He is going through end of Rahu Mahadasha where Rahu is in 11th house with Sun, and Rahu activated his 5th house hence he was hell behind some entertainment and TV shows ever since his Rahu MD started.

4th is the house of property and the lord of it Venus is in conjunction with 8th lord Saturn which is for inheritance, so it is very well visible how he got into his family construction business Elizabeth Trump & Son.

House of profession lord 10th is Mars sitting in friendly sign Leo in second. Mars is also yoga karak for Trump, gave the earning resource via Property as Mars denotes Property.

Future Prediction

The day 58th U.S. presidential election will be conducted, Mr. Trump will be going through Rahu-Mars-Merc period.

As Yogakarak Antardasha going on so it may give him lots of popularity and honorable position but not as favorable as winning election as no Raaj Yoga will be activated during the time of Election.

Right now he is going through Rahu-Mar-Rahu period which is not activating his 8th or 11th house at all, hence crossing this period and getting desired benefit or result is not much possible. Hence it will be hard for him to even getting nomination from his own party.

For success you need to get activated 11th house of wish coming true too. 8th is the house of bonus or gain without much effort and to winning election getting lots of vote or other’s favor, fund you need to have active 8th house too. Which is missing throughout this election period for Donald Trump.

Right now Saturn being his 7th and 8th lord transiting to his inimical sign 5th house Scorpio which is giving him peak of Sade Saati cause of Saturn’s proximity to his natal Moon in 27° Scorpio which is his Ascendant Lord too. Hence he is quite aggressive, annoyed and depressed about particular community.

Presently his 7th house of public relation and public performance is crossing Ketu too. Here Saturn denoting Maas population of America when will be so close to Ketu, no way Donald Trump can win the heart of masses. So winning even nomination will be hard for him.

Saturn and Jupiter main two planets which are his 7th lord and another 9th lord are in his Dashamansha chart now transiting to 3rd house Aquarius can never give that winning charisma to him rather will give lots of verbal fight with people.

On the other side Hilary Clinton with her debilitated Sun is going to achieve much more as many of her Raaj Yogas are getting activated during this time. So she can be a clean winner.

So his dream of making America Great again will remain unfinished.