Upcoming Shah Rukh Khan Movie Fan - Astrological Prediction

First release of 2016 Shah Rukh Khan Film named “FAN” didn’t impact much in his fans’ heart till now like his earlier film Dilwale created euphoria with romantic music and Raj-Simran Jodi before the release of the film. Its been a while Shah Rukh Khan gave any big revenue making film to Industry or super hit film to his fans. So obviously his Fans are eagerly waiting for some ice breaking output from Shah Rukh. Just for the sake of going through the basic data of Shah Rukh’s Horoscope --

Leo Ascendant, Ascendant Lord debilitated in 3rd house

Moon sign is Capricorn

Rahu-Ketu is in 10-4 axis

Right Now going through Saturn Mahadasha, precisely saying Saturn – Venus-Rahu period till May 2016. Box Office Prediction Of Fan>>>

15th April, 2016 the day film FAN will be released, Shah Rukh Khan will be going through Saturn-Venus-Rahu-Venus Period.

Rahu & Venus are two planets making massive Raaj Yog in his horoscope also responsible for his career in entertainment and winning heart of millions with his charm.

That Yoga causing Rahu & Venus period will be going on during his release of film FAN.

The day FAN will be released, his profession house lord lord Venus will be transiting to 8th house of bonanza, other’s money, speculative money, unearned income 8th house where his 10th and 3rd lord Venus will be exalted in Pisces.

Core planet of glamour and creativity Venus will be transiting to Pisces, traversing through Revati the Nakshatra of his 2nd house of finance & 11th house of gain Lord Mercury.

Mercury the lord of 2nd & 11th lord will be transiting through 9th house of Aries traversing through Bharini the Nakshatra of his 3rd and 10th lord Venus.

So the day FAN will be released, there will be an exchange of nakshatra between his 2nd,11th & 3rd 10th lord Mercury & Venus.

Ascendant lord Sun will be exalted in trine house of Aries making very strong Budh Aditya Yoga with finance house lord Mercury.

House of natural talent 5th & entertainment lord Jupiter will be transiting in Ascendant with Rahu in Leo the natural sign of creativity, spot light.

As per my earlier prediction his Dilwale did really well in terms of money whose gross income was 360 INR world Wide which was more than his other movies.

All the above factors assure Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film FAN will do 1005 well in terms of making money as its all about Rahu-Venus –Merc game play in Shah Rukh Khan’s horoscope.

As His Horary ( Prashna Kundli) says his film will do better in foreign lands.

His upcoming film FAN will give him many awards in upcoming days making it loud that he is The King Khan of Bollywood.