Sheena Bora Kundali Analysis

After going through the life story of Sheena Bora in wiki and other online resources, I felt Sagittarius Ascendant fits completely with her life events and accidents. Highlights of Sheena Bora Chart :

Ascendant Lord Jupiter is in 4th house own sign making Guru Chandal Yoga 4th is the house of mother so we all know now how the biggest unethical trick was played by her own mother Indrani Mukherjee which took away her life.

12th lord Mars is in Gandant as it’s in the last degree of Pisces 29˚ (between water and fire sign transition).

12th lord Mars is in Gandant but posited in 4th house of again mother and emotions, hence all her life she was going through emotional turmoil and was searching for true motherly love and care.

Her Venus in Lagna, gave her a beautiful face, and I m sure Sheena Bora was a damn artistic and fashionable girl as her Moon & Venus has mutual aspect.

Above all Moon, the natural singificator of mother in her chart is in Kemudrum, Moon also the 8th lord of longevity which is in Kemudrum aspected by house of enemy lord Venus which made her own mother her biggest enemy.

Her 9th lord Sun who is the significator of father in her chart is in inimical sign Capricorn also aspected by Saturn which says her distance from father too.

Her Ascendant Lord in 1 ˚ Pisces that makes her vitality personality and confidence level weak and shaky, if Ascendant lord would be strong and not be afflicted by Rahu she might have survived the hideous plan for her mother.

Mars the malefic for being 12th lord in conjunction with Rahu makes Angarak Yoga in her 4th house. So her 4th house of mother, emotion, peace of mind all were highly ruined.

Her 7th house was aspected by Mars as she was strong manglik gal and 7th lord is in 3rd house of Paapkartari. Hence her relationship in life didn’t bloom much.

Whenever Mercury is not having any aspect from any planet, it says the legitimate issues about the person or that house. Here her 7th house of partnership lord Mercury is not in conjunction with any planet, nor aspected by any, hence that so called fiancé was none other than her step brother which was nothing less than illegitimate relationship. Cause of Sheena Bora Death :

On that shameless night of April 24th 2012, she was going through Saturn-Rahu-Ven period, where Saturn is Maraka sitting in inimical sign, Venus is in Moola nakshatra of Ketu who is aspecting 4th house too.

In transit Rahu was crossing her Maraka natal Saturn in 12th house of Scorpio and Saturn was opposite to her Ascendant lord Jupiter in 11th house of Aries. On other side Moon, 8th lord was crossing transit Ketu in 6th house. Moon was too aspected by Rahu.

6th lord Venus too was in conjunction with Ketu in 6th house in transit. So she was unable to sustain or give a good fight back to her enemies or enemy plot.

Her 6th and 8th lord having mutual aspect also gave troublesome life, threaten to life.

Little about Indrani Mukharjee :

Lets have a take on her mother’s upcoming time from Sheen Bora’s Horoscope. 1. Her 4th house lord for mother is Jupiter is in transit will be in conjunction with Rahu next month and later Jupiter will be moving to her 10th house of Virgo where her natal Ketu is posited. So no chance of getting escaped for her mother for next one and half years from Jail.

2. Jupiter being 4th lord will be in close conjunction with Rahu in transit in her 9th house during June 2016, that will be the watch out period for Indrani Mukherjee in coming time.

3. Perhaps by 2020, Indrani will be having lower court verdict which will go against her as Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction in her 2nd house of Capricorn.