Jesus Christ Kundali - Astrological Analysis

There are many birth details of Jesus Christ are available online but I found the one mentioned in Astro Data Bank is more reliable and the chart goes well with his life. Birth Date : 28th Feb BC 6
Birth Time : 3:24 Hrs.
Birth Place : Bethlehem, Isreal.

At first Glance, chart of Jesus will never give a look alike feeling with any other chart.

Third house is fully loaded with 5 planets including Ascendant lord Saturn.

None of the planets in Horoscope are debilitated.

All the Fiery Sings in horoscope are empty.

Special Yogas in Horoscope : Chandra Mangal Yoga : Moon & Mars are Kendra from each other and having mutual aspect.

Guru Mangal Yoga : Jupiter & Mars are Kendra from each other. Gajkesari Yoga : Jupiter and Moon are in conjunction where none of them are debilitated.

Bheri Yoga : Jupiter , Venus & Ascendant Lord Saturn all are Kendra from each other.

Tapaswi Yoga : Venus, Saturn & Ketu are in mutual trine.

Early Life :

As his 3rd house is so much getting emphasization which is the negation of 4th house birth place. So when Jesus was a kid, his parents took him to Egypt for the safety of his life from the King of Isreal, he was never back to his birthplace ever.

If we look at his Navamsha chart, Sun is getting debilitated in 4th house. So throughout his life he had trouble from King or authority.

Occupation Of Jesus :

10th Lord and Yoga Karak Venus is in 3rd house with Ascendant lord where it is exalted. By occupation Jesus Christ was took the occupation of his father who was a carpenter and sculptor/stoneman. So occupation was going well with the signification of Venus where you need to show creativity.

Everything is in 3rd house which denotes hand work, so as a carpenter and sculptor he used max his creativity through hands.

Again as 3rd house is having so many planets all together, which is the house of communication and short trip, all his life he did short trips here and there, and later started preaching people with his philosophy.

Spirituality :
His Ketu is in own sign with max points in Dashavarga. So his spiritual vibration was highly strong.

All the three Kendra house lords Venus, Moon , Saturn in conjunction having mutual aspect with 4th house lord Mars, which creates many Raaj Yogas at a time.

Tapaswi Yoga started working since childhood as his Ketu Mahadasha started followed by Venus. According to Bible he performed more than thousands of miracles during that time.

Five planets conjunction in one sign that makes pravajya yoga too, so he didn’t much care for family and he was like any Sannyasi kept on roaming one place to another considering everyone is the part of his family.

5th house is also for teaching and preaching, where Rahu the unconventional planet is posited so he always preached something which was not as per the traditional lessons of Israel. He introduced the Golden Rule (The Great Commandment) which was contrast to traditional teachings of those timing. Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ :

At the age of 33, when he was going through Venus – Mercury period he was arrested by King’s men and was taken for crucifixion.

Jesus Christ was going through Peak Of Sade Saati coupled with Saturn return during that time in 3rd house which is 8th from 8th house of death.

His Sun being 8th lord is in conjunction with Saturn the core enemy, later too Sun is debilitated in D9 hence King/authority was never on his favour, since childhood.