Sade Sati Series - II

Sade Sati Remedies

Saturn Sade Sati is for 7 & 1/2 Years.

Saturn's First transit was in Vishakha Nakshatra in Scorpio sign belonging to Guru who is Neutral ('sama') in relation is as good as Saturn traversing through his own star but modified due to Guru's effects.

Traversing over Anuradha Nakshatra having his own lordship causes miseries because of his malefic nature, such as: Loss of comforts; spending for hospitalisation, self destructing act,Legal complications, getting prosecuted are the tendencies or paying penalties.

Traversing over Jyeshtha, which is under the lordship of Mercury, is neutral. Saturn is friendly to Merc. Ketu is the lord of Moola. Traversing through this star causes miseries, as Ketu is malefic and Ketu is same as Mars, who is an enemy to Saturn. During this period people may suffer mental depression, due to financial constraints caused.

Venus, a friend, is the lord of P.Ashada. Traversing through this star does not cause many problems. Sun, a bitter enemy, is the lord of U.Ashada. Many problems arise when Saturn transits through U.Ashada. The health may be affected due to the depression caused by the Government problems, political setback, arguments at home with father etc.

Moon is the lord of Shravana and there will be mental affliction, loses interest in pure-thoughts. Mars is the lord of Dhanishtha and there will be problems ultimately leading to financial losses due to burn injuries, undergoing surgical operations, brothers, police-cases, revenue recovery,machineries owned by the native failing to work, damages to vehicles by accident.

Saturn traversing through Capricorn causes more problems than in other two, Scorpio and Saggi, because lords of stars U. Ashada and Dhanishtha are inimical to Saturn. This is the way effects of transit of Saturn should be analysed.

whilte transiting through U.Ashada who is the Nakshatra of Sun,it wil not give as much problem as it will be giving for P.Ashada for Scorp Ascendnat. as sun is the lord of 10th here who is the lord of U.Ashada. though Venus is friendly to Saturn, for scorp Ascnd venus is the lord of 7th and 12th house so durign the time saturn will be transiting through Venus's Nakshatra P.Ashada it may cause 'hospitalisation' legal issues, Lots of mental stress due to spouse's decision Sade Sati Remedies