Sade Sati Series - I

Sade Sati Remedies

Saturn’s transit through 12th Sign from Moon, then Moon Ascendant finally covering the second sign from Moon is called ‘Sade Saati’. Saturn takes 2 & 1/2 years to transit from one sign to another. Hence transiting through 12th, 1st and 2nd sign to Moon Saturn takes 7 & 1/2 years.This entire period is Sade Saati. There are total 3 phases of Saturn Sade Saati :

12th from Moon is Raising of Sade Saati

1st From Moon is Peak of Sade Saati

2nd from Moon is Setting of Sade Saati. Rising phase of Sade Saati while transiting through 12th house from Moon will cause of loss of money. Saturn while transiting the 1st house will cause diseases to the native and Depression, lethargy. Saturn while transiting 2nd house from Moon will cause loss of money and distance from family.

Moon represents our mind, emotions, tenderness, sensitivity and softness of mind and being a natural malefic planet Saturn when comes close to Moon gives depression, unknown fear,stress, pessimism and lots of negative tendencies in our psychological approach.

All these phenomenon makes us practical and calculative in life.Saturn is very practical calculative planet which doesnt carry unnecessary baggage in Life. This is the beginning phase of getting rid of all unnecessary burden of our life.

A weak Saturn in transit will trouble a lot. For the lordship of positive houses a good Saturn may take care, provided he is a beneficial lord to Ascendant. If Saturn is the lord of fortune house 9th he cannot give disease. Study based on the Moon sign alone, without consideration of Lagna, leads to wrong analysis.

Right now Saturn is transiting over Scorpio sign.So this is the rising phase for Sagittarius Moon sign, Peak Sade Saati of Scorpio Moon sign natives and Setting phase of Sade Saati for Libra Moon Sign people. For prediction, we need to consider 3 basics :

Lordship of Saturn in chart

Nakshatra on which Saturn is transiting through

Friendship-Enmity between transit Nakshatra lord and Saturn.

Rising Phase of Sade Saati : For All Sagittarius Moon sign people this is the starting of Sade Saati till 27th January 2017. Result of all the Sagittarius moon sign people will not be same.Activities will vary from individual to individual because of their birth being in different ascendants or lagna.

For example, For Aries lagna and Sagitterius Moon sign born, Saturn is the lord of 10th & 11th. Saturn when traverses Scorpio sign, problems concerned to 10th- Profession, status, credibility, and 11th- success, gain, wish fulfillness, friends, elder sibling are to be seen ; for Tula Lagna- Sagittarius Moon sign born Saturn being the lord of 4th and 5th may cause problems to comforts, vehicles, house, education, mother’s bad health during traverse in Scorpio.

Saturn is right now transiting through Scorpio sign where it will be crossing three nakshatras – Vishakha, Anuradha & Jyeshtha.Suppose for Aries Ascendant and Sagittarius Moon sign chart,very first 3Degree 20min of Scorpio Saturn will be crossing Vishakha the nakshatra of Jupiter with whom Saturn is having neutral relation causing Loss of comforts,spending for hospitalization and Jupiter is the lord of 12th house too for Aries Obstacles for age and longevity cant be there though the transit is through 8th house cause of Vishakha lord being neutral to Saturn. So minor health issues and accidents cant be overruled. The native may undertake a pilgrimage tour as Saturn is transiting through nakshatra of Jupiter, who induces interest in Religion, Religious Guru etc.

Traversing over Anuradha Nakshatra having his own lordship causes miseries because of his malefic nature, person will feel fear of losing job, lots of hardship but less success in work until he is not giving some extra input towards his goal.Sauturn will take away all the extra ingredients of life which you are not worthy of.After all Saturn is highly practical and doesnt want you to waste time on something you just cant materialize.Failure in attempts will make you feel frustrated. You will have to slog as the work burden will be too much.

While transiting over Jyeshtha, the nakshatra of Mercury, effects will be different.different. Nakshatra lord Mercury is friendly to Saturn so that will give stress to maternal uncle, loss in short travel, lack of cooperation from siblings,cousins, near relatives,enmity from colleagues, fear of losing job, losing money in legal issue, getting loan easily but then repaying on time getting harder.

Rising phase of Saturn’s Sade Saati generally brings loss of finance no matter which Ascendant lord you are having. It will give trouble from secret enemies, disputes and indecisiveness, above all lots of frustration due to sudden slow movement in everything due to Saturn.This the learning phase of patience and consistent hard work if you miss it, next phase will be harder.

Sade Sati Remedies