Astrological Analysis of Shah Rukh Khan's Kundali

Shah Rukh Khan's success has been meteoric, no one could imagine that a TV star could become a KING of Bollwood. Let's talk about his chanrt in detail and see what gave him such huge success in film industry.

Best part of his chart is:

- Venus being the lord of profession house 10th sitting in trine house 5th. Venus is the karak planet of creativity, beauty, glamour, art and entertainment etc and 5th house also denotes entertainment.

His 10th lord Venus in 5th house of entertainment and hobby made the trick of being in glamorous world. Also Jupiter being 5th lord looking in its own sign from 11th made it more specific.

- Quadrant house lord sitting in trine house 5th made a good Raaj yoga.

We have to understand one thing his 10th lord is the one who is making Raaj yoga.

10th house is having Rahu who is the one for playing different roles and creating illusion in silver screen.

His 10th lord Venus is bhavottami means sitting in same 5th house in D1 & D9

- Saturn in its Mool trikon sign Aquarius gives focused approach and dedication in profession.

- 2nd & 11th lord is in conjunction with yogakarak Mars sitting in kendra house.

Two Pancha Mahapurush Yoga - Ruchaka & Sasha.

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Yoga karak Mars is sitting with Ketu in 4th house.

2nd and 11th house lord Mercury is also in conjunction with ketu sitting in inimical sign Scorpio. This combination of Mars-Ketu-Mercury making very good Raj Yogas and Dhan yogas, it also makes him anger prone, at time very rude and argumentative.

But then ascendant lord Sun is in 3rd debilitated which is making Shah rukh courageous and the one who never hesitate to take risk.

Moon is detriment in 6th house Capricorn giving him health issues, problem in attaining mental peace.

Early Life : Childhood of Shahrukh Khan was spent in a rented house Delhi, where his father was not having a stable income source and changed many business on and off. Till the age of 5 he was away from his birth place delhi as he was going through Yoga Karak Mars Mahadasha who is posited in 4th house but with ketu that took him away from his birth place.

His major academic life was going through under Rahu Mahadasha which is posited in 10th house.Major time of his college life he spent roaming around here and there with bunch of guys showing toughness and attitude to people and killing time in theatre, no wonder Rahu is in nakshatra of moon, who is 12th lord posited in 6th house.

He lost his father during 1981 when his Rahu-Sat period was going on and saturn the lord of 6th and 7th though sitting in Mool Trikon sign but is in Rahu nakshatra hence again 10th house coming in picture which is 2nd from 9th house of father. Hence Maraka for father and during that year Rahu was in cancer his 12th house from there it was aspecting 9th lord mars in 4th house so he had a huge loss.

His 10th lord is Venus which is the key planet for media, entertainment, creativity,artistic qualities,glamorous life.

In D9 Venus is posited with rahu in 5th house.

In his D10 Rahu is in ascendant, finance house lord mercury is exalted in 5th house of hobby aspected by rahu from Ascnd.

10th lord saturn is in 3rd house which says he would never be able to work under anyone for long

Also 10th lord in house of communication and media 3rd. What Made him King of Bollywood : As his Sun is debilitated being Ascnedant lord gave him lots of struggle to be in bollywood. Many actors like Rajesh Khanna or others didnt have that hard days to be in Bollywood, where Shahrukh had to sleep here and there in Mumbai city during early days.

His Sun is in Chitra nakshatra so nakshatra lord Mars is yoga karak in chart sitting in own sign Scorpio.To be successful in life two things are must - Hard work & a bit of Luck.

Shahrukh Khan's lord of fortune house Mars, who is yogakarak too is in its own sign sitting in kendra house making Ruchaka Mahapurush Yoga.

He got the Dasha of right planets on right time like Rahu who was posited in 10th

Later 5th house lord Jupiter Mahadasha who is also the dispositor of 10th lord Venus.Jupiter is in Rahu nakshatra so again 5th, 11th and 10th house got activated for long time.

His Indu lagna comes in 7th house of aquarius and total 3 planets aspect his 7th house.

has very auspecious Damini Yoga - 7 planets in 5 houses.

Marriage : 25 October 1991, he was 26 and got married to his childhood sweet heart Gauri Khan when he was running through Rahu-Mars-Venus period and Mars is sitting in house of domestic happiness 4th and Mars in nakshatra of Mercury who is 7th lord in D9.Jupiter was in transit his Ascendant Leo aspecting 7th house.As Saturn is in 7th house of partner, he got married to some one of different religion.

Health: He already went through surgery still from next year his health will deviate more as Rahu and ketu will be in his 1-7 axis and ketu will be in conjunction with his 6th lord Saturn, so health issues are bound to bother him. Right now he is going through Saturn-Venus period and Venus is in Ketu nakshatra so there will be much trouble regarding health. Shahrukh Khan is a chain smoker, after all his 2nd lord Mercury is in conjunction with Mars and 7th lord Saturn is in Rahu nakshatra so no wonder they worked quite badly for him.

Entrepreneur Shahrukh : Ever since his Saturn MD started in 2011, Shahrukh Khan didnt give much of Hits in Box office. Rather he earned a lot as a good businessman as Saturn is the lord of 6th and 7th in D1 and in D10 its the lord of 3rd. Saturn pushes enough to start your own work sitting in 3rd house which is 6th away from profession house 10th.He bought Kolkata team for IPL match and his team started winning trophy once he stepped into Saturn MD.

His film Jab Tak Hai Jaan did quite well apart from that he earned more money through Chennai Express & Student ofthe year as a producer. His last flop was Happy New Year in 2014 when he was going through Saturn-Ketu period and 5th lord Jupiter was in transit 12th house of cancer. Saturn was crossing his Ascendant lord Sun in Libra. During his Mercury MD he will be having more grip as an Entrepreneur.

Future Prediction : Very next film of Shahrukh Khan's Dilwale is mostly scheduled for release on 18th December 2015 coupled with Kajol when he will be going through

Sat-Ven-Mars Period. Mars is in nakshatra of Mercury who is the lord of 2nd and 11th sitting with yogakarak Mars.

Sat,Venus & Mars these three are having smooth relation in his five fold friendship and enmity table.

Saturn will be in transit crossing his natal Ketu in 4th house so some trouble at home or wife can have stress during that phase.

Jupiter will be in his Ascnd crossing U.Phalguni nakshatra and nakshatra lord is his Ascendant lord Sun.

According to his Dasha, two Pancha Mahapurush Yoga will be activated along with 10th and 11th house.

So the film will do OK in Box office for sure but there can be some trouble going on side by side with this success during that phase.

From July 2017 to end of 2017 its not gona be that fruitful time for him.

Shahrukh Khan's film Fan is getting released on April 2016 when his same Sat-Ven-Mars will go on but Rahu will be in conjunction with Jupiter in Ascendant Leo and Jupiter will be crossing U.phalguni Nakshatra, So again this film will do just okay sort of bussiness.

When ultimately Mercury Mahadasha will start which is also Maraka for him also in nakshatra of 6th lord Saturn will give him health trouble and legal issues too. Though his trail of making profits will go on still his health will not permit him to be energetic and enthusiastic for which he is known to all of us.

No matter what King Khan will keep working even in his old days and we will be enjoying his work more in coming years. Shah Rukh Khan is having Venus in Ketu Nakshatra but Rahu in 10th played a great role of making this illusion of Simran-Raaj Romance in our mind.