Saturn Transit For Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 12th & 1st sitting in 10th house of Scorpio which is the inimical sign for him.

For Aquarius Ascnd Saturn being Ascendant lord in 10th will give slow but steady and self effort income will be there.

As Saturn is sitting in 10th house which is 2nd from father's house 9th so there will be problems with inheritance from father such as money, land and building,jewellery etc or u can say there will not be much help from father during this phase.

Aquarius Ascnd people will feel Efficiency at work is lower, as compared to others, because, Saturn signifies slow tendency.The person cannot be as dynamic as a normal man.

Saturn signifying lame cannot run fast, i.e., cannot complete the assigned duties in time but will be very hard industrious worker and will make Aquarian work much more than necessary which non saturnine persons can complete with much less physical effort as compared to the native who has Saturn in tenth house.

During this transit Aquarius Ascnd People may feel lack of courage while performing the assignment. This causes indecisive mental makeup so,the native avoids taking dashing decisions in profession but will never change the decision taken once under any influence.

Co-born of Aquarius Ascnd People will be blessed with long life suring this phase.

During this transit there can be some dealy in property dealing and better to be aware of litigation problem regarding that.

School going Aquarians will be having trouble in studies they will not feel like finishing up topics in one go as saturn will be aspecting 4th house of basic education.

Children of Aquarius ascendant people will fall sick several times durin this phase as saturn is sitting 6th away from 5th house.doing any property dealing as saturn is 8th away from property house 4th can trouble from unscrupulous way.there can be chances of taking education loan for children.

As Saturn will be casting its 10th aspect to partnership house 7th, so there will be some trouble from partnership and happiness from marriage will be missing.

Aquarius Ascnd people will be taking lots of life risk during this transit as Saturn is posited 3rd from 8th house of longevity.

Its a good time for those Aquarians who are in politics their opponent will be having miserable time during this transit.

While transiting through Vishakha it will give very good boost to finance and money inflow in life as jupiter is the lord of 11th and 2nd for Aquarius Ascendant. But then during that period Jupiter will be aspecting Saturn so really this period can be peaceful. Anuradha phase will bring lots of beneficial project and scopes to earn better, good financial opportunity business trip to other cities but with little expenditure too. As lord of Anuradha Saturn is lord of 1st and 12th.

For Aquarius, Jyashtha phase will be troublesome interms of daring life decision, health issues, loss in legal front,child's health issues as Mercury is the lord of 5th and 8th here.