Retrograde Mercury

Last Merc Retrograde will occur from 17th Sept to 10th Oct 2015.Mercury the planet of Communication and transportation will give all the delayed mess in these tow areas.Obviously way of interaction with others will be affected much.This time Mercury is getting Rx in its own Earthy sign Virgo.

So those who were running behind too much of illusion or impractical thoughts its going to be reality check for those.Its going to be good or neutral time for those who are already having Mer Rx in their birth chart. Mercury is having rulership of natural 3rd & 6th houses so most of the effect will come regarding these two houses.

Its going to be the best time to be highly rational and practical in approach keeping emotions aside else it will end up having lots of misunderstanding. Those who are having Gemini,Virgo, Aries Ascendant or Moon sign will be much effected during this phase.

Facts During Retrograde Mercury :-

-Misunderstanding in communication.

-Delay in Travel plan or during your journey' flight delay etc.

-You may spend your day sorting out ur papers or book shelf.

-You May find your communication devices suddenly started giving u trouble.

-People are not responding your Email/Msg in one go.

-Mercury gives thinking process and in Mercury Rx that very thing will be hampered so you can understand how people will be little irrational during that phase.

if you are working on any investigation or research or mind puzzle then when Mercury will be Rx you will get your answer.

-Remember everyone will be little confused during Rx Merc so when Merc will be direct everyone will be inclined to change their mind. So promises made during this phase should not be much counted.

-True information will come out when mercury will be stationary thats the dangerous part and a good thing for all the Truth seekers. And

-Lastly astrologers will get effected too coz they use Merc on a vast level while calculating and communication with people. Precautions for Mercury Rx : -

-Back up your data!

-Try to avoid traveling during this Rx phase.

-Avoid closing big deals during the retrograde

-Avoid signing legal documents

-Avoid launching new projects during the retrograde

-Dont go for any operation or surgical procedure during Merc Rx.

-Students who are preparing for competitive exams follow this step ... Read - Write - Retain.

-Good time to reconsider your lost love.

-Take a step back and rethink your plans and possibilities.