Jupiter Transit To Leo - Pisces Ascendant

Jupiter moved to Leo on 14th of July for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be getting Power, Authority and Strength.For Pisces Ascendant its the lord of 1st and 10th transiting to 6th house Leo.

Jupiter being Ascendant lord transiting to house of enemy, legal issues, obstacles 6th will give initially stress and stuck up situation.

Financially this is going to be a great period as Jupiter being 10th lord will be aspecting own sign Sagittarius 10th house and house of finance 2nd house too. So this activation of Financial trine will give much positivity in financial side once Mars will move to Leo too.

Pisces People will be having authority and power at work place, they can achieve better reputation in career during transit Jupiter's aspect on profession house 10th from house of job 6th.

Ascendant Lord Jupiter in transit will be aspecting house of expenditure 12th that will trigger more expense too but then it will not be that bad phase as Jupiter will be aspecting finance house 2nd so income source will be enhanced too.

Starting phase of Jupiter's transit to Leo 6th house will not be that beneficial as it can give some legal trouble, series of expenditure, huge misunderstanding with others. Reason behind all these can be pointed on transit through Magha & finance lord Mars's debilitation in cancer.

Pisces people those who are trying to change job or stream in profession can surly go for in before December 2015.

Health can give a huge set back for Pisces people specially those who are having already Diabetes issue and obesity. Jupiter is the sole planet for fats can give weight gain as here being Ascendant lord Jupiter will be transiting to house of disease 6th also will be aspecting house of Food intake 2nd.So there can be more tendency of indulging into fatty and sweet stuffs.

Avoid having unnecessary conflict with your teachers or who ever is guiding you.

Those Piscian were waiting for promotion dont miss this opportunity to apply for it.This is going to be a very good period to grab higher position and authority in professional front.

Stay away from any legal dispute and be aware of cunning plans of your opponents. Ascendant lord Jupiter's transit through 6th house of enemy may bound you to land up in such scenarios.

Pisces Student those are preparing for Civil service exam or any professional course can surly expect better result than earlier.

Those who are into Management, Law, Accountancy,Medicine profession will be having much favorable time than others comparatively.

There can be a chance of going for foreign travel too as Jupiter being Ascendant lord will be aspecting house of foreign land 12th but then favorable Dasha Bhukti will have to be in support too specially when Rahu will be joining Jupiter in transit after December 2015.

During the transit of 13 months in Leo Jupiter will be crossing 3 nakshatras - Magha, P.Phalguni & U.Phalguni. During the transit of Magha Aries people will be having some tough time feeling alone from all the aspect as Ketu in transit is in 1st house of Pisces.While transiting through P.Phalguni Pisces people may have some more spiritual activity but they should be careful of health and accidental issues from short trips.

As lord of this nakshatra is Venus which is lord of 3rd and 8th for Pisces People. Lastly while transiting through U.Phalguni Nakshatra Pisces people will feel more boost in profession, more success or progression as the nakshatra lord is Sun who is the lord of 6th house for Pisces.

By this time Rahu in transit will be conjuncting Jupiter in 6th house of Leo, Those who are already having tough time regarding loans and legal terms dont go for any short cut and no further loan as getting loan amount can be easier but repaying it will be tougher later.