Jupiter Transit To Leo - Aquarius Ascendant

Jupiter transited to Leo on 14th of July for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be getting Power, Authority and Strength.For Aquarius Ascendant its the lord of 2nd and 11th transiting to 7th house Leo.

Jupiter being the natural benefic planet will be aspecting Ascendant from 7th house of Leo that will bring overall prosperity positivity and optimism for Aquarius Ascendant people.

Further Jupiter will be aspecting its own sign Sagittarius 11th house of wish fulfillness, so the best part will be of getting things executed as per plan specially for those Aquarius people who are going through favorable Dasha.

Jupiter's transit to 7th house of partnership for Aquarius Unmarried guys and girls will be much favorable time to tie the knot.

Those Aquarius people who are already married can spend some good time with partner also your partner may have some gain during this transit.

Jupiter's Transit to Leo will be very much financially beneficial for almost all Aquarius Ascendant people due to Jupiter's aspect on 1st,11th,3rd.

Keep a check on your weight as your 2nd lord Jupiter will be 6th away from its own sign sitting in 7th house.2nd is the house of food intake and 6th is the house disease, hence there can be some trouble due to either over eating or gaining weight day by day after all Jupiter denotes Fats.

Dont try to give much commitments to anyone during this time else it can create some negativity in life for Aquarius people as 2nd house is the house of speech its lord Jupiter will be transiting 6th away from own sign.

Jupiter's aspect on 3rd house,which is 6th away from house of profession 10th will give stability in job or career for Aquarius ascendant people.

Take care of your speech specially when Jupiter will be in conjunct with Rahu in December you may hurt people with your foolish commitment or harsh words as Jupiter is the lord of 2nd house speech & Rahu the planet of deception can twist your wordings.

Its a good time to plan for some short trips with siblings, cousins or friends as Jupiter is going to aspect house of short trip and siblings 3rd also house of friends 11th. During the transit of 13 months in Leo Jupiter will be crossin

g 3 nakshatras - Magha, P.Phalguni & U.Phalguni. During the transit of Magha Aquarius people will be having result as per their natal ketu placement but we need to remember ketu is the planet of seperation.

While transiting through P.Phalgni Aquarius people will be having some fortunate time at work place, as well as in domestic front as the nakshatra lord is yoga karak Venus specially good time to get married.

Lastly while transiting through U.Phalguni Nakshatra Aquarius people may get into some trouble related to love life as the nakshatra lord is Sun in 7th house lord for Aquarius Ascendant.