Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam - An Astrological Study

President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was born in a very poor family and the way he confronted poverty for the sake of doing better in life and education was commendable. He was born in Saturn's nakshatra Anuradha which is his 8th and 9th lord sitting in 6th house of loss, obstacles.Hence troubling childhood.

This is an excellent chart to prove you can keep working your debilitated planets over and over again.His Debilitated Moon got mitigated quite a lot cause of 9th lord exalted Jupiter's aspect on it.Moon's debilitation and Saturn's positioning 2nd from moon made him quite a silent person,No loose talk at all,he talked only when it was necessary.

Cancer Ascendant, Ascendant lord Moon is debilitated in 5th house Scorpio that says whole chart is Doomed.Though Our Ex President has lots of Raaj yogas present in his chart.

1.Hamsa Yoga - Jupiter exalted in Ascendant

2.Malavya yoga - 4th Lord Venus in own sign Libra.

3.Budh aditya Yoga - 3rd Lord Mercury exalted in Virgo sitting with Sun

4.Vipreet Raaj Yoga - 8th lord Saturn in 6th house Sagittarius

5.Other Dhan Yogas - 4th lord Venus in conjunction with 5th lord Mars sitting in 4th house Libra.

He was not very good in academics in his earlier life according to wikipedia. Because of too much financial trouble at home he started earning from school time. His entire student life was under Mercury Mahadasha where Mercury is exalted making Budhaditya yoga. Because of Mercury's positioning with Sun, his 2nd house lord Sun got activated.

Only Jupiter is the planet in mercury nakshatra so that activated his 9th and 6th house too.Two houses of financial trine 2nd and 6th got activated that pushed him to earn in early age.As the planet of education Mercury is exalted making Budh aditya yoga aspecting both the house of higher education also the lord of higher education house 9th is exalted in Ascendant aspecting own sign Pisces made him finished up his graduation smoothly.Though during that time he couldn't have a very good record.

Scientist Abdul Kalam: Once he finished up his Ketu Mahadasha, things started working well for him slowly but gradually. During his Venus Mahadasha which activated his Malavya Mahapurush Yoga gave him ultimate boost.

Like Albert Einstine's chart Debilitated Moon gave these two scientists lots of focus;

Rahu's aspect from 9th house on Ascendant lord Moon and his Budhaditya Yoga gave the tendency of going to science area;

The technical planet Saturn aspecting his Budhaditya Yoga further favored him to be in core science;

And ofcourse the planet of Knowledge Jupiter's aspect on Moon gave all the core qualities to take a deep in Knowledge of ocean. When ultimately he started researching in 1965 A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was going through his Venus Mahadasha and only 8th lord Saturn is in Venus Nakshatra Mercury sublord. That's how the house of research 8th came in scenario for him during that time.This also activated his Vipreet Raaj Yoga.

After that there were no look back in life as we all know how he successfully launched Satellite Launching Vehicle, Nuclear Testing and so on, cause of Rahu's positioning in house of long journey 9th he visited many countries around the world including NASA's Research Center.

Many people has Rahu in 9th still many dont even cross their birth city, it was President Kalam's Sublord Mercury which is 12th lord exalted in 3rd gave him lots of short trips. Personal Life: With all these achievements and urge to do better for the nation and humanity A.P.J.Abdul Kalam couldn't give much time to his own life.

6th lord exalted in Ascendant and Saturn sitting in house of service 6th made him do job one after another,he kept on serving for humanity and for the nation though out his life.

Astrologically his 7th house lord Saturn is 12th away from it sitting in house of enemy 6th didnt help him much to think about finding a wife.house of domestic life

Having Mars & Venus conjunction added little more negativity on that aspect. President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam : During his Yogakarak Mars Mahadasha ultimately his Raaj Yoga got activated,Where Mars is the lord of 10th- the house of dignity, status, honor etc

Highest Honour of India Bharat Ratna was the first gift in 1997 his Yoga Karak Mars Delivered him.

Sun & Mercury these 2 planets are in Mars nakshatra which made his Budhaditya Yoga activated once again

Mars in Jupiter Nakshatra thats covered up his 1-5-9 houses.

In 2002 July when he was sworn as 11th President of India,His House of Fortune Lord Jupiter was exalted in transit sitting with his natal Jupiter in Cancer Ascendant. Writer A.P.J.Abdul Kalam: Mercury the planet of communication and writing is exalted in house of writing 3rd made him deliver more than 17 books written by him in various topics. What Triggered death of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam:

He was going through peak of Sade Saati though its not his first Saade Saati.

Saturn in conjunction with moon in transit and Ketu's aspect on in from Pisces

Saturn getting only 1 point in Scorpio in Ashtak Varga

Above all Moon is his Ascendant lord and Saturn is his 8th lord here having Ketu's aspect from transit

Saturn is in transit now Saturn's nakshatra Anuradha hence again 8th house coming in picture.

His Rahu over Ketu and Ketu over Rahu in transit right now where Transit Rahu is very close to his natal Ketu 11Degree.

Going through Rahu-Venus-Venus where right now Venus being Badhaka being Rx in Leo sitting with 6th lord Jupiter.

Right now his Maraka and Badhaka Sun+Venus is in 3rd house which is 8th from 8th house.

Venus in Rahu Nakshatra and Rahu in Saturn Nakshatra. Saturn being 8th lord aspecting own house of Life span 8th gave him a long life, still we all wish such a knowledgeable person would be in our country for ever to take us to some new era. God Bless His Soul.