Venus Retrograde in Leo and Cancer Sign

The Planet of Love, Romance, Luxury, Comfort, Marriage, Relationship Venus will be Retrograde from 25th July 2015 to 8th September 2015.

Venus will start being Retrograde from the sign Leo then it will reach Cancer in Rx motion. Whenever Venus is Retrograde it makes us evaluate the worthiness of relationship with people with people in our life. Relationship issues will come up from no where during this phase, perhaps without much of reasoning things will start going little messy in existing relationship.

On the contrary it will also force us to find out where we are going wrong in relationship or giving importance to the loved ones in our life.

Venus - the lord of Taurus & Libra - the natural 2nd and 7th house lord when goes Rx it gives unnecessary spending and too much emphasization in relationship matters. Also one needs to see where ever is Tarus & Libra is posited in his chart those two houses will be more effected.

This is the time to act wisely and take proper decisions so that our rapport and relationship with people doesn't go in vain. In short this is the time to review your past and present relationships. During this time your old friends or lost love may contact you back. If you are starting any new relationship during this Venus Rx time, it will not be much satisfying in the long run. As Venus is related to finance and possession,

So Venus Retrograde Phase will force you to re-examine matters related to relationships, Finances and Priorities in life. Check out 31st August & 1st September when Venus will be in conjunction with most passionate and fiery planet Mars in transit that can ruin your existing relationship and give you the thought of going back to old ones. Tendency of going for one night stand cant be ruled out during this time. Effects of 48days Venus Retrograde phenomenon for all the Ascendants :

Aries Ascendant : 2nd and 7th lord Venus will be Rx in house of Romance 5th, that will give little strain in relationship with children and loved one. So arise people should be better prepared for showing more understanding in relationship to avoid complications. There will be some tendency of going back to old relationship or contacting old love subconsciously in mind.

Taurus Ascendant : 1st and 6th lord Venus will be Rx in 4th house of mental peace and domestic life Leo. There can be some thought of renovating house or selling old items of home or even buying decorative items to make house beautiful.while buying anything dont get attracted to flashy packaging or outlook of anything. This is the right time to keep bargaining for property or luxury items. As 6th lord will be Rx in 4th house so there can be some old health issues coming out from mother's side.

Gemini Ascendant : 12th and 5th lord Venus will be Rx in 3rd house of communication and writing, media Leo. There will be maximum chances of contacting old friends and loved ones.It can be other way round too that you will be contacted by those people. There can be some flare up with sibling digging up past issues. If you are planning for some short trips keep that in mind it will be delayed so be extra cautious about your travel planning.Try up your old contacts and clients those who are in sales.

Cancer Ascendant : 11th and 4th lord Venus will be Rx in 2nd house of finance and accumulation of wealth, family Leo. Restrict yourself from spending more money though it will be hard to do so in Venus Rx phase still thats the challenge you need to take. Dont sell anything when Venus is Rx, as Venus being the lord of natural 2nd house of wealth and possessions will not make u realize the worthiness of the stuffs you are going to sell but the buyer will be having more benefit on that, hence will be spending more in shopping. so both the way Venus Rx is the time to spend money in unnecessary shopping or luxury.

Leo Ascendant : 3rd and 10th lord Venus will be Rx in Ascendant Leo, that will force you to think over priorities in life. You may feel the strong crisis of feeling loved, getting affection from others. But Leo people will be sky enough to go around and find a new love in life rather than reconciling with the old one. Even with your friends and lovers with whom u had bad ending can be in touch this time to have a good healthy funeral in relationship.

Virgo Ascendant : 2nd and 9th lord Venus will be Rx in 12th house of waste,journey, hospitalization,spirituality, Leo. There can be more traveling and not much of work during this time and ya delayed travel for sure or some obstacles in that.AS 12th is the house of secrecy person will be feeling more open to talk about relationship during that time. Perhaps you will be forcing your partner to talk about your relationship openly in society which your partner will not be ready to do so, hence more clash between you two.

Libra Ascendant : 1st and 8th lord Venus will be Rx in 11th house of gain and friendship Leo which will bring some old friends in your contact with the time.There can be some tendency of getting indulged in one night stand or short term relationship specially when Venus will be in the ending phase of Rx motion, just be your self away from all these.Its a good time for you to go back to your old plan program to attain your goal.For Libra people this will be challenging time to cope up in relationship.

Scorpio Ascendant : 12th and 7th lord Venus will be Rx in 10th house of profession, status, karma Leo.This will start giving you stressed time in workplace with your co-workers.Scorpio people will have to learn how to be charmingly diplomatic during this time in work place. As scorpio is a very passionate sign and Venus is the God of Love so during this time be careful of getting entangled in any kind of short or long term relationship.

Sagittarius Ascendant : 6th and 11th lord Venus will be Rx in 9th house of Dharma,higher studies, travel, luck,father Leo. Relationship with teacher and father can have some stress or even some old misunderstanding with these kind of figures in life can get sorted out during this time.check twice before you are getting on board in flight as travel will be delayed or some trouble will be there in your journey, as its 6th lord too so there can be some poke from old female enemy in ur life.

Capricorn Ascendant : 5th and 10th lord Yoga karak Venus will be Rx in 8th house of investment, sex, vitality of partnership, caos Leo. Physical aggression will be high on them spcially during the time when Venus will b in conjunction with Mars in transit on 31st August 2015. That can end up your existing relationship. Also there can be chances of starting some secretive physical relation with some one which can come out on the surface with time hence more clash with your partner. This can be a good phase to get more investment or work deal from your old clients.

Aquarius Ascendant : 4th and 9th lord Yoga karak Venus will be Rx in 7th house of partnership,public relation,rapport with people, spouse, Leo. Its a good time for you to sign a new contact with ur old partners in work but while signing the deal make sure you are going through every pros and cons else later it will make you repent. Troubling phase will be at home front, as without much reasoning you will feel stress with your wife or partner at home. You will feel liking being loud about those issues which annoyed you over the past years but you kept on getting suppressed.

Pisces Ascendant : 3rd and 8th lord Venus will be Rx in 6th house of enemy, service, job, day to day activity, legal issues Leo. Relationship will start haunting like anything at times it will give the feeling of being with an enemy not your loved one. You will not be silent over the slightest mistake of your partner. You will start feeling bad of leaving your past relationships and will strive to get those back in life.In other words this phase will emotionally effect you a lot.