Saturn Transit For Capricon Ascendant

For Capricorn Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 1st and 2nd sitting in 11th house of Scorpio which is the inimical sign for him.

For Capricorn Ascnd Saturn being Ascendant lord in 11th will give boost to success and gain but with little delay and conflict as its in inimical sign.

As Saturn is sitting in 8th sign thats too in house of gain, so there will be lots of scope for getting investment but keep your eyez open and it will take long time to get final amount

Capricorn Ascnd people those who are waiting to get ancestral assets will atleast take some speed in that phase but not gona have property in hand so soon, only initiative will be taken during this phase.After all something is better than nothing.

Capricorn People those who are in family business will get benefit and success during this phase as Saturn is 10th away from family 2nd house.

During this transit Capricorn Ascnd People may recruit more employee in their business.

There can be necessity to boost your mind and soul frequently as Saturn will be aspecting 1st house that will give unnecessary low feeling time to time.

During this transit Short business/work trip will give benefit to Capricorn people but some how have to compromise in business deal with clients.

Saturn being the main significator of longevity, posited 8th away from house of mother 4th so your mom will be blessed with long life when Saturn is in 11th house in transit.

Capricorn ascendant people should be very much careful during this time while doing any property dealing as saturn is 8th away from property house 4th can trouble from unscrupulous way.

Children of Capricorn ascendant specially the first one will get married little late, as Saturn the planet of delay is sitting 7th away from 5th house.also your children should not land in any kind of partnership business.

Capricorn people will be forced to spend money in Hospitalization and for chronic diseases as Saturn being the natural significator of chronic diseases sitting 12th from house of expenditure 12th.

Those Capri people waiting to get married during this phase keep that in mind marriage will get delayed and your wife will not be very rich as Saturn significator of poverty sitting in 5th from house of spouse 7th. While transiting through Vishakha it will give Expenditure related to travel and hospitalization, unnecessary trips here and there as Jupiter is the lord of 12th and 3rd for Capricorn Ascendant. But then during that period Jupiter will be aspecting Saturn so really this period can be peaceful. Anuradha phase will bring lots of beneficial project and scopes to earn better, good financial opportunity etc.For Capricorn Jyashtha phase will be troublesome interms of Loan,health and legal issues, during this phase a person can even change the job,father can face trouble too as Mercury is the lord of 6th and 9th here.