Jupiter Transit To Leo - Sagittarius Ascendant

Jupiter Moved to Leo on 14th of July for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be getting Power, Authority and Strength.For Sagittarius Ascendant its the ascendant lord and 4th lord transiting to 9th house Leo.

Jupiter Being ascendant lord going to transit in trine house from where it will be aspecting the first house own sign which will enhance over all positivity in life and persson will be feeling lucky enough during this phase that will help Sagittarius people to expand in life radiantly for an year.

Ascendant lord Jupiter is going to aspect both the travel houses, as Jupiter will be in house of long journey 9th house Leo and from there aspecting house of short trip 3rd house that will give maximum chance to have few travel during this transit phase.

This a very good time for those who are into studies specially into higher education as Jupiter the planet of Knowledge will be transiting to the house of higher education 9th.

When the most benevolent planet Jupiter transits through trine house 9th which is the house of fortune that phase will bring lots of optimism,positive attitude,expansion etc for Sagittarius people as From 9th house it will be aspecting all the 3 houses of Dharma trine (1-5-9).

Jupiter's aspect in 3rd house of siblings will bring some harmony with your younger ones or near relatives.

Sagittarius people will be quite busy doing some religious activity or pilgrimage during this phase too as Jupiter is sitting in Dharma Trine, more philosophical thoughts will capture their minds.

Father of Sagittarius people will be having quite favorable time too as Jupiter is transiting in house of father 9th.

Those who are in the profession of teaching, preaching, travel,will be really having some great boost in life during this time for example Professor,priest will be having excellent time cause of this transit in 9th house.some relief due to Jupiter's Transit to their 10th house.

This will be positive time for conceiving for Sagittarius women as Jupiter the natural significator of 5th house will be aspecting 5th house from 9th.

Mother of Sagittarius people can have some stressed time and health issues too as Jupiter being 4th house will be transiting to 9th house which is 6th away from the house of mother 4th.

Sagittarius people will be lacking in competitive edge in work place during this phase as Jupiter will be transiting to 9th which is 12th house from Karma house 10th.

During the transit of 13 months in Leo Jupiter will be crossing 3 nakshatras - Magha, P.Phalguni & U.Phalguni. During the transit of Magha Sagittarius people will be showing too much interest in philosophical world.

While transiting through P.Phalguni Sagittarius people will be having chances of more gain and desire fulfillments in life, going most of the things as per plan As lord of this nakshatra is Venus which is lord of 11th and 6th for Sagittarius People.

Lastly while transiting through U.Phalguni Nakshatra Sagittarius people will start feeling lucky from all aspects of life, that will be quite smooth phase to plan and execute many things in life.