Jupiter Transit To Leo - Libra Ascendant

Jupiter moved to Leo on 14th of July for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be getting Power, Authority and Strength. For Libra Ascendant its the lord of 3rd and 6th transiting to 11th house Leo.

Sitting in 11th house of Leo, Jupiter will be aspecting 3rd,5th and 7th house, which will be good for short trip, getting new collaboration with people.
Professionally this is going to be a favorable period as Jupiter will be in the house of profit being house of service 6th lord which will be 6th to 6th. So those who are into Job or professionally dealing with court cases will be beneficial.

For Libra Ascendant, this phase will give good social circle, as the planet of expansion Jupiter will be in 11th house but as it’s the 6th lord, so it can give some chaos between friends too.

Elder sibling of Libra People will be beneficial during this time but there will not be much benefit from the elder one.

Libra Ascendant people those who were waiting for promotion or increment in salary can have those due promotion now if dasha is favorable too.

Those Libra Ascendant people who were waiting for getting married since long can get married during this time as Jupiter will be aspecting the house of marriage 7th.

Social life of Libra people will be improving, meeting with close relatives, siblings, cousins, friends are very much in card in upcoming days as Jupiter sitting in 11th will be aspecting own sign Sagittarius 3rd house.

Libra Ascendant people those who are going through some legal issues can expect good result out of it as Jupiter the 6th lord will be moving 6th away from it.

There can be some issues related to health for Libra people after all Jupiter is the lord of 6th – house of disease will be 6th away from that house.

First child of Libra people will do better in life have some positive progress till January 2016 as after that Ketu will be transiting to 5th house of progeny.

Trouble in Love affair will be little eased up when Jupiter will be aspecting 5th house till December after that ketu in 5th can trouble again.

Those who are planning to opt for some loan can surly go ahead, house of lord 6th lord will be in 2nd house of finance so strong chances of getting good amount of loan during this phase for Cancer Ascendant people only skip the time when Jupiter will be in close conjunction to Rahu Next Year 2016

After December start judging your friends as Jupiter will be with Rahu in 11th house of friends can be misleading to you.

During the transit of 13 months in Leo Jupiter will be crossing 3 nakshatras - Magha, Purva Phalgni & Uttara Phalguni. During the transit of Magha Libra people will be having result according to the positioning of their natal Ketu but right now Ketu in transit is in 6th house Pisces – house of loan and legal issues, can give good output in such areas.

While transiting through Purva Phalguni Libra people will be having over all good time As lord of this nakshatra is Venus which is Ascendant lord and 8th lord for Libra People.

Lastly while transiting through Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Libra people may have the raise in salary or income, new job,as the nakshatra lord is Sun who is the lord of 11th house for Libra Ascendant.When Jupiter will be Rx and passing through P.Phalguni Nakshatra there can be chances of getting some old inherited issued getting cleared.