Jupiter Transit To Leo - Capricorn Ascendant

Jupiter will be moving to Leo on 14th of July for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be getting Power, Authority and Strength.For Capricorn Ascendant its the lord of 3rd and 12th transiting to 8th house Leo.

As being 12th lord Jupiter is going to be in 8th house of investment and obstruction, Capricorn ascendant people should not start anything new during this phase,no such investment during the starting of this transit.

During this Transit period, Jupiter in 8th house may push Capricorn ascendant people for taking loan which they should avoid as much as they can as repayment on time will be the trouble.

For Capricorn ascendant, 12th lord in 8th will surly give some health issues on and off during this time, so be aware of some accidental issues specially when rahu will be joining Jupiter in 8th house after December 2015.

As Jupiter will be aspecting its own sign 12th, there will be chances of traveling an d expenditure will be high for sure, which will surly lead to lack of savings.

Mother of the Capricorn ascendant will be having some tough time during this phase as Jupiter is the house of hospitalization transiting to house of chronic disease or chaos 8th and from there aspecting house of mother 4th.

Entire time will be so much so that Capricorn people will not be having much peace of mind at home.Such thing can lead Capricorn people going for addiction.

House of Moksha lord Jupiter transiting to another Moksha trine 8th house will surly take every Capricorn people to spirituality.

Capricorn Ascendant people will be feeling lack of support during this phase from their surroundings.

Take care of your speech specially when Jupiter will be in conjunct with Rahu in December you may hurt people with your foolish commitment or harsh words as Jupiter and Rahu will be aspecting house of speech 2nd.Rahu the planet of deception can twist your wordings.

Most of the Capricorn people will not be able to sustain the urge for either taking investment or doing investment during this transit after all Jupiter is the planet of expansion.

During the transit of 13 months in Leo Jupiter will be crossing 3 nakshatras - Magha, P.Phalguni & U.Phalguni. During the transit of Magha Capricorn people will be having result as per their natal ketu placement but we need to remember ketu is the planet of seperation.

While transiting through P.Phalgni Capricorn people will be having some trouble in love life also some unexpected change in work place, as the nakshatra lord is yoga karak Venus.

Lastly while transiting through U.Phalguni Nakshatra Capricorn people may get into taking loan or investment also during this time it will be hard for them to get control in spending as the nakshatra lord is Sun in 8th house lord for Capricorn Ascendant.