Saturn Transit For Sagittarius Ascendant

This is the starting phase for Sagittarius Moon people and for For Scorpio Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 2nd and 3rd sitting in 12th house of Scorpio which is the inimical sign for him.This is the starting phase for Sagittarius Moon people so those who are having moon in 1st house going to feel usual delay style of Saturn, cant escape.

For Sagittarius Ascnd Saturn in 12th will keep the expanses limited and balanced but as its 2nd lord sitting in 12th house, finance will come in a hard way

Professional difficulties for the co-born of Saggi Ascnd, as Saturn the denoter of difficulty gets posited in the house of profession from the house of co born denoted by the third house.

Saggi Ascnd people those who are working in communication, post and telegraphs, telephone and transport field will not have good results in the professions as Saturn the signifier of difficulty gets posited in the house of profession from the house of 3rd denoted by the above areas.

Sagittarius People will get benefit and prosperity from the father

During this transit Saggi Ascnd People may try to acquire more education by getting enrolled in some course.

There can be planning to get a second hand vehicle too during this phase, as saturn is 9th away from 4th house right now transiting in Scorpio.

During this transit children of Saggi Ascnd people will be having good time and will blessed with good longevity.

Saturn being the main significator of service, will be aspecitng the service house 6th from 12th house scorpio that can trigger lots of trouble in service area. So those who are providing some service or in Job will be effected.There can be some obstacles from low level worker in office.

During this Transit, you may change several servants one after another as saturn signifies servant posited in 12th house of waste.

Those who are in partnership business can have some loss due to partner, and there can be strain in marriage as well.

Sagittarius Ascnd people will be having disappointment in regard to the attempts to get inherited properties of the father. While transiting through Vishakha it will give little relief interms of Finance, confidence and family matter. as jupiter is the lord of Ascendant and 4th for Sagittarius Ascendant.But then during that period Jupiter will be aspecting Saturn so really this period can be peaceful.

Anuradha phase will bring lots delay, stress and financial crunch time and trouble related to relationship with brothers etc as Saturn is the lord of 2nd and 3rd house for Saggi ppl.

For Sagittarius people Jyashtha phase will be troublesome as its 12th and 5th lord so it can give health issues,Hospitalization, leagal trouble and tough time in love,relationship romance, leaving home without no reason etc.