Saturn Transit For Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 8th and 9th sitting in 6th house of Scorpio which is the inimical sign for him.

Father of the person will serve hard in his profession,as Saturn signifying service and hard work;person will work slowly to gain the prosperity with hard work.

Your co-borns may find it difficult to have their own land, building and estates.

Your spouse may start behaving as a miserly person as the signifier of miserly character Saturn gets posited in the house of expenditure from the house of spouse denoted by 7th.

In case of partnership ventures the workers may become responsible for the break of partnership as Saturn who signifies working class gets posited in the house of loss

Your mother will feel less couragious, motivated;educational adventure of yours will go in a low pace.

You may undergo lot of hurdles in the area of adventure in making and retaining properties.

You may not perform well in travel deals, Long journy may not be that beneficial for you and may lose, as Saturn signifying loss and troubles gets posited in the house of loss from the house of travel signified by 7th.

This period will be Blessing the eldest co-born with good longevity, as the house of longevity

Saturn in 6th house in transit will make you quite lazy in understanding the knowledge of salvation and will be at loss in this area even if you are in old age.

Saturn the signifier of dullness and neglect in 6th house,there will be loss of understanding of spirituality through spiritual knowledge.

Those who are in Late age having Saturn in 6th house in transit will think of spirituality due to dejection in life.

Person may lose money from workers and servants due to the spect of Saturn on the twelfth house

person may lose wealth due to problems arising from labourers, status and honour destroys all these due to mishandling ppl who work under you.

You may experience slow progress in profession as Saturn who is for slow activity gets posited in the house of prosperity from the house of profession.

Financial position of your children in general and the first issue of yours in particularly will be difficult.The children of the native may fall prey to lying as Saturn a signifier of cheating and secrecy gets posited in the house of speech(2nd) from the house of children denoted by 5th house.

Saturn in 6th may deprive you from any unexpected gains.

Saturn in 6th will ensure the person is not having any life threatening accidents/incident. Keep respecting old members at home,be sensitive,sympathetic and helpful to needy people, Saturn may give you some relief.