Saturn Transit in Scorpio For Libra Ascendant

For Libra Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 4th and 5th sitting in 2nd house of Scorpio which is the inimical sign for him.

Libra Ascnd people would have positive path ahead in their career. These natives would find them full of energy and would gain confidence and positive attitude towards their career.

The people in business would get very positive results. Order flow would be much increased.

Libra Ascnd people in business would acquire new contacts with influential people. This would be very helpful for their business. Some big clients would be added.

Libra Ascendant people those who are in late 50's will get the benefit of land, building and properties.Will get lots of help from mother too.

Libra People will be benefited by their servants or will be satisfied by the service of their servant.

Some troubles for the profession of the children of Libra Ascend people in general and for the first issue.

Libra People may show lethargy in studying mantras and higher plane of knowledge as Saturn the signifier of laziness gets posited in the house of karma ( 10th) from the house of the higher plane of knowledge represented by 5th house.

Saturn in 2nd house signifying person will be contented with whatever the earning obtained and may not strive hard for big money in life, as Saturn signifying lethargy gets posited in the house of activity from the house of earning additional income signified by 5th house.

Maternal uncle may have tough time in life in profession and may be employed in some service, as Saturn signifying servant gets posited in the house of profession from the house of maternal uncle signified by 6th house.

Saturn wil be blessing spouse of the native with long life during this transit as its posited 8th from 7th house.

Saturn's aspect on 8th house will delay the happiness of children as 8th is the house of happiness 4th from progeny house 5th.

During this phase of 3rd house Transit of Saturn you will have to work hard and may be forced to face litigations to enjoy the happiness from the profit attained in the life.

Libra Ascnd People will face many testing times in regard to the honor in life as Saturn signifying disturbance getting posited in the house of happiness denoted by the 4th house from the house of status and respect. While transiting through Vishakha it will give issues related to communication,colleagues,younger siblings, debts, unemployment, legal stuffs etc, as jupiter is lord of 3rd and 6th for Libra people.But then during that period Jupiter will be aspecting Saturn so little relief. Anuradha phase will bring lots of happiness in their life as Saturn is yoga karak for Libra people more extra income, getting into media or speculation, love romance all will be blooming during that time.For Libra Jyashtha phase will be troublesome as its 12th and 9th lord so it can give to much expenditure or traveling,hospitalization etc.