Current Saturn Transit For Aries Ascendant

Saturn will be in 8th house being the 10th and 11th lord, will make you workout all the pending works.From there saturn wil be aspecting 10th, 2nd and 5th houses of Aries Ascendant.

Aries Ascnd people will be facing financial problems as the 2nd house signifying family and finance gets the aspect of Saturn from 8th house.people always lands up in dilemma due to oral commitments and suffer, as Saturn signifying idiotism aspects the house of speech 2nd house making the native commit without visualizing the consequences.

Saturn in 8th house gives the result of 6th house from 3rd house making the native suffer from loans or troubles from the brothers and sisters.Person often lands up in losses due to delayed decisions.

Person may also obtain wealth from opposition (in politics) or from long term litigation.

Saturn in 8th house gives the result of 2nd house from 7th making it difficult to the spouse of the person to earn money.

Saturn in 8th house gives the result of the 12th from 9th house making the father of the native difficult to have money for comfortable spending in life.

Saturn does not cause death but restores the life through rejuvenation from near death condition and induces longevity to us. Saturn does not kill unless he is a 'maraka'.

Saturn in 8th house or the 8th lord together with Mars causes urinary infections, piles and diseases of rectum or private parts.

Saturn signifying lame cannot run fast, i.e., cannot complete the assigned duties in time but will be very hard industrious worker and he makes the native work much more than necessary which non saturnine persons can complete with much less physical effort as compared to the native who has Saturn in 10th house, while aspecting 10th house u may feel lack of courage in the native in performing the assignment. This causes indecisive mental makeup and so, the native avoids taking dashing decisions in profession but will never change the decision taken once under any influence.

Because of this 10th house aspect of saturn all scorpio ascendant natives will be afraid of taking responsibilities in profession, which will cause obstruction and problems in the work.
Saturn's 7th aspect on 2nd house will make the native to earn money with difficulty, if saturn in natal chart not posited in libra 2nd house.
Saturn's First transit will be over Vishakha Nakshatra in Scorpio sign belonging to Guru who is Neutral in relation is as good as Saturn traversing through his own star but modified due to Guru's effects. Traversing over Anuradha Nakshatra having his own lordship causes miseries because of his malefic nature, such as: Loss of comforts; spending for hospitalisation, self destructing act,Legal complications, getting prosecuted are the tendencies or paying penalties; Traversing over Jyeshtha, which is under the lordship of Mercury, is neutral. Saturn is friendly to Merc.For Aries People Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 6th house.It can give some stress related to job as 3rd is 6th from house of profession 10th and 6th is the house of job/service. there can be some change in profession during that Jyeshtha. Rest all depends how may points Saturn is getting in the sign Scorpio in your Ashtak Varga Table.If more than 4 then its really good if less than 4 then u need to show patience to over come this transit.