Saturn Transit in Scorpio For Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 5th and 6th sitting in 3rd house of Scorpio which is the inimical sign for him.

Virgo Ascnd people will be truly vigorous and courageous during this phase.

The blessings of Lord Shani will reflect in their enhanced confidence making them able to take positive steps, as Saturn will be in their house of courage 3rd.

During Saturn transit in 3rd Saturn will bless them with rewards and appreciation,they would receive the sweet fruits of their previous hard work.

The hard work will continue from Virgo's side which could keep the stress during this phase but this time it will be paid worth.

This phase will make u emerge from previous financial problems.

Besides it could also bring a special occasion like marriage, birth of child or a new pet at home.

On a little harsh side of this phase,Virgo People could have somewhat strained relationships with their brothers, sisters and friends around.

Saturn in 3rd house indicating some old litigation emerging up suddenly resulting unwanted disturbance in profession.

Father of the Person may have some trouble cause of partnership dealing as Saturn is posited 7th away from 9th house.

3rd house is the 12th house of 4th house which is property and land. so loss of land, building and estates due to litigation or some obstruction can be seen during this phase.

Dont give false commitment which you will not be able to respect in the long run, as Saturn for Virgo people is sitting 2nd from the house of speech 2nd house.

During this phase of 3rd house Transit of Saturn you can be prone to spend unwantedly more money for the expenditure of old car or vehicle and other articles of luxury and happiness.

While transiting through Vishakha it will give issues property related things and partnership, some trouble with mother's health slow progress in partnership etc, as jupiter is lord of 4th and 7th for Virgo people. But then during that period Jupiter will be aspecting Saturn so little relief.

Anuradha phase will be related to clash with your romantic partner or little annoyence from your first child, lack of creativity in life, legal issues, debts as sautrn is the lord of 5th and 6th. For Virgo Jyashtha phase will be really positive as mercury is here lagna lord nad 10th lord, so there can be some laziness observed in Virgo native provided mercury is posited in a good strength.