Panch Mahapurush Yoga In Astrology

Panch Mahapurush Yoga is a combination of five different yoga formed by five different planets. Those persons who have such yoga in the horoscope ,are blessed with everything in his life as these Panch Mahapurush planets gives their influence on one’s life. But one should keep it in mind that effects of these yogas is subject to the streanth (Shad bal and non Shad bal) of the perticular stars.

These Yogas and planets are Malavaya yoga (Venus), Shasha yoga (Saturn), Hamsa yoga (Jupiter), Bhadra yoga (Mercury) and Ruchaka yoga (Mars). These Yogas are formed if these planets are placed in their own sign or in sign of exaltation and are in Kendra from Lagna or Moon. Being in Kendra, these planets gives influence to the native’s profession, education and on overall happiness. We will discuss about all these Yoga and their influences on life. Generally all 5 yogas are not possible in one horoscope.

Malavaya yoga (Venus): Malavaya yoga is formed by Venus, placed in sign of exaltation (Pisces) , and in Kendra form Moon or Lagna. Venus is the planet of money, luxury, vehicles, comforts, desires , Fairness, beauty and pleasures etc., A strong Venus with Malavaya Yoga, blesses the native with all these comfort and qualities. In male horoscope, it represents wife, Venus bless the person with beautiful, skillful and supporting wife. In female horoscope, it blesses her the beauty and intelligence. Venus formed Malavaya Yoga when it is placed in Pisces, Tauras or Libra Sign and in Kendra from Moon or Lagna.

Shasha yoga (Saturn) : Saturn is a slow planet , it gives Misery, Poverty and struggle to the native, it teaches the original lesson of life to the native. So as a result , the native comes up as a refined Diamond with new ideas, lessons, struggle of life. On other hand , Saturn has power to change one’s destiny in very short after the teaching the lesson. So because of Shasha Yoga, native becomes very serious, calculative and clam in his decisions and there are less possibility for him to fail anywhere. For this yoga ,Saturn should be exalted in Libra sign or in own sign (Capricorn, Aquarius) , placed in Kendra from Moon or Lagna.

Hamsa yoga (Jupiter): Jupiter is the teacher (Guru), it teaches you the way to reach to on the top. Guru represents blessings by God, and its drishti on Lagna, Sun or Moon in a chart is considered very fortunate. Jupiter is Karaka for name, fame and money. if Guru is the strongest planet in the chart and if it influences Kendras, the person would be lucky and due to divine intervention, he would never get in trouble. Guru is karaka for husband in wife horoscope, so it will bless the lady with a good husband, on other hand being karaka for children, the person is blessed with good children too. Jupiter in sign Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces , placed in Kendra from Lagna or Moon, creates Hamsa Yoga and bless the native.

Bhadra yoga (Mercury) : Due to Bhadra Yoga, Mercury makes a person highly intelligent, great commutation skills (Oral & written), a good businessman. He will be able to deliver his idea and influence the people with his tactics. With good mathematical and financial skills , he will use his money in good areas of income and gains. So we can say a person blessed with this yoga will be automatically rich. Mercury in his own sign Virgo or Gemini, placed in Kendra from Lagna or Moon, creates Bhadra Yoga.

Ruchaka yoga (Mars) : Mars is the commander, a young and energetic planet. Due to it’s 4th aspect , Mars being placed in Kendra, influences the profession of the native. Mars is known for bravery, courage and initiative. So in Ruchaka Yoga, mars gives the both positive and negative influence, if Mars has good Drishti from a beneficial planet, the person can be in army, police and surgeon etc, otherwise it can also make the person a criminal. Mars in sign Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio placed in Kendra from Lagna or Moon, forms Ruchaka Yoga.