Holika Dahan Muhurta and Puja Vidhi

Holika Dahan is on 12th March 2017

Holika Dahan Muhurta = 18:23 to 20:23

Holi is celebrated during the full moon of the hindu month of Phalgun. On the eve of Holi, the festivities begin with the burning of bonfire to symbolize cremation of Holika. On this day Lord Shiva burnt kamdeva, and Lord Krishna also killed demoness Putana. Therefore, devotees also worship Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna at their homes on that day.

On the day of Holika Dahan, an effigy of Holika and Prahlad is placed on the huge heap of woods. Effigy of Holika is made of combustible material while Prahlad's effigy is made of non-combustible material.

Puja Samagri -

The following Samagri or materials should be used for Puja:

One bowl of water, beads made of cow dung, Roli, rice which are not broken (also called Akshat in Sanskrit), fragrances like Agarbatti and Dhoop, flowers, raw cotton thread, turmeric pieces, unbroken lentil of Moong, Batasha, Gulal powder and coconut.

Also, fully grown grains of freshly cultivated crops like wheat and gram can be included in the Puja items.

Holi Puja before Holika Dahan (also known as Thandi Holi Puja) :
First of all, light the earthen lamp and dhoop stick.

Do worship of Lord Ganesha first. Take some flower, rice and water in hand and remember Lord Ganesha. You can chant mantra “ॐ गं गणपतये नमः” (Om Gan Ganpataye Namah). Pray him to help you to complete your holi puja peacefully. Show lamp and dhoop to him. Offer tilak, sweets, coconut and water to him.

Then do worship of goddess Durga and Lord Narasimha similarly. You may chant their names instead of any mantra. Show lamp and dhoop to them. Offer tilak, coconut, sweets and water to them.

Now do puja of Prahlad by chanting “ॐ प्रह्लादाय नमः” (Om Prahladaya Namah). Show lamp and dhoop to him. Offer tilak, sweets, coconut and water to him.

Now do the worship of Holika. Show lamp and dhoop to her. Pray, “Some people created you due to constant fear of blood sucking demons. Therefore, I worship you. I seek prosperity, wealth and power for me.”

Then offer rice, flower, sweets, coconut, turmeric pieces, moong lentils and badkula to her.

Also circumambulate and tie 1 spindle of raw yarn around Holika. (keep one raw yarn spindle in your puja thali to take it to your home).

Now offer water to her. Empty your glass of water in front of Holika.

Holika is burnt after above Holi Puja.

Now do following Holi Puja after Holika Dahan :

Roast the grains in the bonfire and take them to your home. Distribute it among family members as prasad. Show the remaining raw yarn spindle to bonfire and take back to your home. Also, pick some fire from bonfire (burning Holi) and take it to your home.

You can perform 2 rites with this fire. You can put some dhoop powder on it and move it in your entire home for purification of home. Or you can do a small havan with this fire as you do Havan on Navratri.

After that, all family members put tilak on forehead and get blessings of elders.

Left over ashes are collected by people next morning. These ashes are considered holy and are smeared on the limbs of the body as Holi Prasad. Smearing of body limbs is an act of purification.