Mount of Mars Part - I

There are two Mars in hand, one is known as positive Mars and other is negative Mars.
 Positive Mars is located beneath the starting point of the Lifeline and above the Mount of Venus (5a is positive Mars) and negative Mars is found between the head and heart line. (5b is negative Mars)

Positive Mars is also known as upper mount of mars and The Lower Mars, or Passive mars is known as negative Mars. Upper mount of Mars signifies courage, vigor, fearlessness, firmness, straightforwardness, leadership qualities, frankness, dynamism and drive. If the mount is too prominent then person would be villain, aggressive and argumentative. Might get involve in anti-social and criminal activities. An underdeveloped mount depicts the person to be totally lacking in courage, vitality, drive and virility.
The lower mount of Mars depicts inner strength, stamina and courage. Properly developed lower Mars shows that person has the strenth to go through the difficult situations in life. On the other hand a under developed mount shows that person is cowardly and spineless. An overdeveloped lower Mars shows the person has superhuman stamina and courage to face pain and sufferings in life

I) A single line on both mounts depicts courage.

Many confused lines shows violent temper.

A Triangle on mounts is very positive indication for military career.