Mount of Mercury Part I - Know Your Future

The mount of mercury is situated at the top of the palm, beneath the fourth finger (Little fingure). This Mount is indicative of intellect, communication skills, nervous system, versatility, reasoning, travels, interest, wit, shrewdness, education, grasping, mind etc.
This Mount shows matrialistic prosperity and afflunce. In hands dominated by negative aspects, it shows fickleness, superficiality, nervous disposition with a hyper tendency to criticize, and lack of emotions in a person.

Many mixed lines on the mount of mercury indicate shrewdness or scientific attitude dangerously directed.

Many mixed lines near the line of heart give desired generosity in the spending of money.

Many short vertical lines in a woman’s hand indicate chattering habits.

Bad qualities of a Mercurian:- Bad early childhood, not much learning/education, propensity to fall a prey to bandits or robbers , born liar, feeble memory, hypocritical and given to flattery,false show of religious fervour,believes in imps, ghosts and other spiritual beings, fond of black magic.

Health Indications:- Tendency to have nervous breakdowns, heart trouble, liver and digestive disorder.

A Circle on mont of mercury indicates that person is prone to Accidents.

One single vertical line on the mount means Unexpected financial gain.

Three to six vertical lines denotes - An aptitude for medical studies.

A Black spot Failure in business.