Saturn Transit in Scorpio - Gochara Shani in Vrischika

Saturn/ Shani/ Sani will be leaving Libra/ Tula Rashi/ Tula Rasi and entering Scorpio/ Vrishchika Rashi/ Vrscika Rasi on November 2, 2014, 8.54 PM. To know the effects of this important transit on your Moon Sign please read this report.

Aries/Mesh -

you may have to struggle on the financial front, this saturn might cause delays in job/professional front and your children may have to face little disappointment during this transit, there will be Amrit varsha of jupiter and 6th rahu will destroy all difficulties. You may get hurt in the legs especially the foot region. If you are having trouble with the organs of your body below the navel and above the hip region, then the problems may escalate.

Taurus/Vrishubh -

Saturn might cause disharmony in marital life and also with business partner, and is also important for your public life. Hence, controversy with spouse and disharmony with business partner is likely. There will be a great progress in work but 15.11.2014 to 15.12.2014, there will be struggle,difficulties in workplace, in march 2015 there will be promotion or transfer in job, interest in religious work.

Gemini/Mithun -

Saturn moves into the 6th house for Gemini people, when Saturn enters this house in transit it means it will destroy debts, disease and enemies in your life. Due to Saturn’s transit, your colleagues may not cooperate with you, and you might also face obstacles in your workplace, however, those working in law, police, army, judiciary, training, management, medicine, healing, sports, politics and chemical field/sector may expect some success and positive results.


Those looking for marriage (preferably arranged marriage) may expect some good results; while, those aspiring for love marriage (specifically inter caste) may have to face some strong challenges. Students may not be able to score much despite doing hard work and those who are into share trading should move cautiously, this saturn does not support gain in speculative things. Matters related to progeny may also get negatively influenced, specifically if Mars is not well disposed in their horoscope.


Saturn will be transting through 4th house, this may cause lack of domestic/mental peace, you might feel sad and gloomy. Relationships with parents and relatives may also remain tough and challenging. Matters related to property or wealth or financial investments may get unnecessarily obstructed; and there may be difference of opinion within professional and personal dealings of such nature.


This transit marks the end of 7.5 years Saturn phase also known as Sade-Sati. Many new opportunities will come knocking on your doors, there may be good financial gains too. Some differences of opinion with brothers and sisters is likely. If you are entering into a legal agreement be very careful.