Gochara Shani in Vrischika - Saturn Transit in Scorpio Part II

Libra/Tula -

You are going through last Dhaiya of saturn, last 5 years gave many difficulties. You may face difficulties on the financial front during this period. Relations with family members may get tensed or there may be discord in family. Care for your health.


You are having your 2nd Dhaiya of saturn sade-sati. You may feel depressed, anxious and mentally exhausted. Relation with brother-sister and spouse may get strained. There may be delay or problems in you professional life, like no promotion, no gain in business, problem in handling your subordinate.


As Shani enters Sagittarius your 1st Dhaiya of sade-sati starts. It does not mean that everything is bad during this period. You may not experience much problem as saturn's 1st dhaiya is mostly (Mostly not always) less troublesome. You may face unnecessary expenses, fruitless journeys. The intensity of negative influence may remain a bit more higher for people passing through Mahadasa of Saturn; while, those passing through Mahadasa of Jupiter or Mars may expect some relief and mild advantage in accordance with the natal disposition of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in their horoscope.


Saturn is in your 11th house from moon and it's favourable, the 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires, the house of gains, something that is strongly related to the material world and ambitions in life. Saturn influence may help you secure some gain. Your social circle and overall relationships may improve. This transit of Saturn is also supportive for spiritual and religious prospects, you may visit holy places and saints.


This Saturn transit is auspicious for making major financial investments, purchasing home or property. Chances of promotion and recognition are also prominent. Over all saturn is favourable for you too.


There may be unwarranted or sudden changes in your profession; and, the relationships with seniors or colleagues may remain sour and deceptive. Possibilities of unfavorable relocation and/or transfer may also take place without any prior notice.