Diwali Lakshmi Puja Muhurat, Vidhi and Important points

Diwali is on 30th Oct

Lakshmi Puja Muhurta on 30th = 18:27 to 20:09

Pradosh Kaal = 17:33 to 20:09
Vrishabha Kaal(fixed Lagn) = 18:27 to 20:22
In pradosh kaal fixed lagna is considered to be good.

Maha Nishit Kaal will be from 23:38 to 00:30.
Cancer Lagna during Maha Nishit Kal is considered very auspicious.

Mahanishita Kaal is best suited for Tantrik community and practicing Pandits who know the best about Lakshmi Puja during this special time.

Puja Preparations

All preparations of temple related to Puja, Rangoli, Deepdan etc should be done during Pradosh Kal. Keep a red cloth at the right hand side on a raised platform and install idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on it after adorning them with silk clothes and jewellery. After this, one should keep a while cloth at the left hand side on a raised platform for installing Navgraha gods. One should prepare nine slots of Akshata (unbroken rice) for installing Navgraha on the white cloth and prepare sixteen slots of wheat or wheat flour on the red cloth. It is considered auspicious to complete the work of sweets distribution during this time.

Also, the work of drawing of Swastika and writing Shub Labh on the doors should be done in this Muhurat time. Besides this, giving gift to the elders of the family and taking their blessings increases the auspiciousness in a person’s life. Giving donations etc. at religious places during this period is considered favorable.

Lakshmi Puja Vidhi

1. Deep Prajwalan (दीप प्रज्ज्वलन)
2. Dhyana (ध्यान) Puja should begin with the meditation of Bhagawati Lakshmi.
4. Aavahan (आवाहन)
5. Pushpanjali (पुष्पाञ्जलि)
6. Swagat (स्वागत)
7. Padya (पाद्य)
8. Arghya (अर्घ्य)
9. Gandha-Samarpan/Chandan-Samarpan (गन्ध-समर्पण/चन्दन-समर्पण)
10. Pushpa-Samarpan (पुष्प-समर्पण)
11. Anga-Pujan (अङ्ग-पूजन)
12. Ashta-Siddhi Puja (अष्ट-सिद्धि पूजा)
13. Ashta-Lakshmi Puja (अष्ट-लक्ष्मी पूजा)
14. Dhoop-Samarpan (धूप-समर्पण)
15. Deep-Samarpan (दीप-समर्पण)
16. Naivedhya-Samarpan (नैवेद्य-समर्पण)
17. Tambool-Samarpan (ताम्बूल-समर्पण)
18. Dakshina (दक्षिणा)
19. Pradakshina (प्रदक्षिणा)
20. Vandana-Sahit Pushpanjali (वन्दना-सहित पुष्पाञ्जलि)
21. Sashtanga-Pranam (साष्टाङ्ग-प्रणाम)
22. Kshama-Prarthana (क्षमा-प्रार्थना)