Mount of Sun or Apollo - I

Mount of Sun is located at the base of third finger and on the upper part of the heartline. This Mount is indicative of success, fame, charisma, integrity and artistic nature of the individual.

Individuals with well developed are of cheerful nature and work in close co-operation with friends. They have artictic mind and mostly they are successful as Artists, Expert Musicians and Painters.
Prominent mount of apollo with pinkish color indicates self-confidence, cheerful, gentlemanness, kindness and grandeur. The person reaches a very high status in life.

Qualities of a bad Apollonian - If the mount is too much developed and there are some bad signs on it then it indicates too much love for money and romantic adventures, not happy with one love affair and gives flirtatious character, love of beauty rather than of character, ostentatious, vain.

A deep straight vertical line on the mount indicates - Wealth or fame or both and just one career.

If there are two lines - Then it means concentration on two different occupations or fields.

Three parallel lines denotes - Success in one's career, it's very desirable sign.

Many confused lines on apollo mount - Means aim in life not quite clear, though the person is talented, diversified.

A Grille is night good sign it denotes - Great vanity and pride.