Mount of Moon - Sign of Good Luck and Bad Luck Part - I

Persons with fully developed Mount of Moon are very imeginative, creative, lovers of nature and beauty. Such people can become very good artist, musician or arthur. IF the mount is over developed then they remain in the dream world and makes castles in the air. They are too emotional.

Not very hard working, selfish and changeable, they are visionary but not practical, has imagination coupled with high morals and idealism , introspective, unreliable, fond of traveling, mystic, cold and melancholic, inconsistent in love, indifferent husbands and give marriage only secondary importance. Sensitive to what others think of them, romantic in art and literature, fond of poetry and music, fond of study, meditation and contemplation, easily depressed, thoughtful and absent-minded, inclination for occult sciences, magic, hypnotism, etc. Dsire to go out for a walk rather than participate in sports.

Those who don't have mount of moon are hard-hearted and fully materialistic. They have fighting as their main trait.

Health indications

Poor blood circulation, hallucination and insanity, paralysis, convulsions and epilepsy, paunchy abdomen, liver degeneration, kidney and bladder trouble, danger of drown.

I) Horizontal lines starting from percussion. Voyages and travels.

II) Many confused and crossed lines with islanded Line of Heart Inconstancy in love - immoral and licentious.

III) A Cross on mount of moon shows superstitious and dreamy disposition.

IV) A Star denotes imagination and literary fame.