Ganesh Chaturthi Muhurat, Pran-Pratishtha, Puja Vidhi and Shodashopachara Puja

The most prefered time for Ganesha Chaturthi puja is Madhyanakal.


Madhyahna Ganesha Puja Time = 11:28 to 13:55

On 16th, Time to Avoid Moon Sighting = 09:31 to 20:51

On 17th, Time to Avoid Moon Sighting = 10:16 to 21:28

Chaturthi Tithi Begins = 09:31 on 16/Sep/2015
Chaturthi Tithi Ends = 11:50 on 17/Sep/2015

You can perform two types puja on Ganesh Chaturthy, one is simple puja and the other is Shodashopachara Puja that includes sixteen steps(This ritual is usually performed by the priests, you can skip this.) Here we are describing both form of puja.

Simple Ganesh Chaturthy Puja

First clean the house and take a bath. Clean the place where you are going to do the Ganesh Sthapana, cover it with a good cloth of silk or cotton of green, yellow or red color. Spread little rice on the cloth and place the statue of Ganesha on it. If you have Lord Ganesha installed at your home and is worshipped daily then Avahana (आवाहन) and Pratishthapan (प्रतिष्ठापन) should be skipped as these two rituals are done for newly bought statues of Lord Ganesha.

A Kalash or the pot filled with pure water and rice should be installed before invoking Lord Ganesha idol. The rice or water filled Kalash is also called Purna Kumbha. Kalasha Sthapana is performed before invoking Ganesh.

Chant Om slowly three times and now chant Ganesh mantra

vakratunda mahaakaaya soorya koti samaprabha
nirvighnam kuru mein deva sarva kaaryashu sarvadaa

Chant the following mantra, while placing the mukut on the idol

Asmin Bimbe Chitrapate
Maha-Ganapataye Namah
Vastrartha Mukutam

Sound the bell for 5 seconds


Now perform perform Pran-Pratishtha and asking Lord Ganesha to enter your house and hearts. Here's a pran prathishta mantra :

"Gananaam tvam ganapatim havamahe kavim kavinam-upam-shravastamam |
jyeshtharajam brahmanaam brahmanaspata aa nah sharn-vannu-tibhih seeda sadanam ||"

गणानां तवा गणपतिं हवामहे कविं कवीनामुपमश्रवस्तमम |
जयेष्ठराजं बरह्मणां बरह्मणस पत आ नः षर्ण्वन्नूतिभिः सीद सादनम ||

Meaning :
We invoke You, O Ganapati of the ganas (Lord Shiva attendants), Who are Brahmana-spati of the brahmas (prayers), the wisest among the wise, Who abound in treasure beyond all measure, the most brilliant one. Do listen to our prayers, come with Your blessings and assurances of protection into our home, and be seated.

Puja Vidhi

Now Ganesha is installed in the idol. Now light the lamps and incense sticks (agarbattis), adorn Ganesh idol with flower garlands and chandan. Offer 21 blades of Druva Grass, 21 modak, coconut, fruits, sweets Betel Leaf & Supari (Betel nut). Now you can perform arati. If you are comfortable then chant Ashtottara Shatanamavali or 108 names of Lord Ganesha. Siddhi Vinayaka Vratha katha is also recited after chanting several simple Ganesh mantras. But it all dependes on how comfortable you are with Sanskrit mantra and shlokas.

While performing Ganesha Puja at home, you can always be flexible. The strict rituals are meant for Vedic priests. All you need to be careful is to perform the pujas with a clean body and clean mind.

What is more important is devotion not the ritual.

Shodashopachara Puja

Deep Prajawalan (दीप प्रज्ज्वलन) and Sankalpa (संकल्प) are done before starting the Puja and these two are not part of core sixteen steps of Shodashopachara Puja. Pre-installed idol of Lord Ganesha at home are not given Visarjan (विसर्जन) but given Utthapana (उत्थापन) at the end of Puja.

Kalash sthapana and Pran-Pratishtha is same as above. Puja must be commenced only after a ceremonial act of washing oneself begin by reciting "Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah" thrice. Afetr that
Take a sip of holy water and invoke the god to purify you by repeating "Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah" thrice and wash hands Now the puja can begin.

(We have provided the related mantras with all the sixteen steps but if you are doing at home you can skip those mantras and simply perform the Shodashopachara Puja without chanting the mantras.)

Sprinkle the lord ganesha with rice grains and flowers and chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Asanam Samarpayami

Next wash the feet of the idol with rice and sandal water and chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Padyam Samarpayami

Wash the hands of the idol with sandal water mixed with rice and flowers and chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Samarpayami

Offer the lord Ganesha water to drink and chnat Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Achmaneeyam Samarpayami.

Lord Ganesha has to be bathed with milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar and chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Panchamrita Snanam Samarpayami

All the five offerings are to be made separately chanting the mantra.

While offering milk chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Payah Snanam Samarpayami

While offering curd chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Dadhi Snanam Samarpayami

While offering curd chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Ghrut Snanam Samarpayami

While offering honey chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Madhu Snanam Samarpayami

While offering sugar chant Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Sharkara Snanam Samarpayami

Now offer holy water to the idol and then wipe it clean with a piece of cloth while chanting Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Uttaraposhnam Samarpayami The puja will proceed by making various offerings to lord ganesha Offer raiment (Vastra, cloth) to the idol in the form of two threads chanting

Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Vastropvastram Samarpayami

Offering white thread or Janahav (Cotton String worn by Hindus) Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Yagyopveetam Samarpayami

Now red sandal powder paste is applied to the brow of the idol while chanting Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Gandham samarpayami

Offer rice Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Akshtam Samarpayami.

Garland the idol, shower flowers Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Puspam Samarpayami.

Offer Durva grass Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Durvan Kuran Samarpayami.

Leaves offering (Bilvapatra)Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Bilvapatram Samarpayami

Offer Aggarbatti and Dhoop to lord Ganesha Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Dhoopam Agrapyami

Now perform Aarti, Mantra and 108 Ganesh Naam with ghee dipak.Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Deepam Darshyami

Give sweets to the lord Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Naivedyam Samaryami

Offer water to the idol Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Achmaneeyam Samarpayami

Offer fruit Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Phalam Samarpayami

Offer betel nut, betel leaf, clove and cardamom Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Tamboolam Samarpayami

Offer perfume Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Itram Samarpayami

Offer coins (Dakshina)Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Dakshinam Samarpayami

Offer sandal rice, flower, and durva all mixed in water Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Vishesh Argyam Samarpayami

Now perform pradakshina Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Pradakshinam Samarpayami
Sri Ganesha Puja Vidhi Stepwise in Hindi:

1. दीप प्रज्ज्वलन एवं पूजन
2. आचमन
3.पवित्रकरण (मार्जन)
4. आसन पूजा
5. स्वस्तिवाचन
6. संकल्प
7. श्री गणेश ध्यान
8. आवाहन व प्रतिष्ठापन
9. स्नान
10. वस्त्र एवं उपवस्त्र
11. गंध व सिन्दूर
12. पुष्प एवं पुष्पमाला
13. दूर्वा
14. धूप
15. दीप
16. नैवेद्य
17. दक्षिणा एवं श्रीफल
18. आरती
19. पुष्पाँजलि
20. प्रदक्षिणा
21. प्रार्थना एवं क्षमा प्रार्थना
22. प्रणाम एवं पूजा समर्पण।