Mount of Saturn - Sign of Good Luck and Bad Luck Part - I

If the mount of Saturn is properly developed then it denotes good status, fortune and rises very high in his life with his own efforts. But they are not very social, not very open about feelings and like to remain aloof. Some time they get so engrossed in work that they tend to ignore their family.

By nature they are irritating and suspicious. Persons with good Mount of Saturn are Scientists, Engineers, Literary men or Chemists.

Indications of Bad Saturnian

- Horrible and abominable in appearance - repugnant body odour - lazy - mischievous - hypocrite - illiterate - worst criminals and prisoners.

Health Indications

Bilious type - prone to diseases and accidents (feet and legs) - vulnerable to the following diseases: paralysis, diarrhoea and elephantiasis.

I) One Single fine vertical line on mount of jupitor - Calm and serene throughout the life and a happy old age.

II) Two vertical lines parallel to each other on saturn mount means consistent efforts bring success rather late in life.

III) If there are number of lines it indicates ill-luck

IV) Many lines moving toward the Mount in the direction of Jupiter like a ladder it denotes a gradual rise in public recognition.

V) A Grill is not a desirable sign it indicates a life of ill-luck.