Mounts in Palmistry And Mount of Jupiter - Part I

Mounts are the extra raised pads of flesh in our palm (below the fingers). Each mount in the palm is symbolic to a particular planet in astrology, and represents the same qualities in a person.

If there are multiple dominant mounts, the palm is considered "lucky" and indicates drive, ambition and confidence. If no dominant mounts are visible, this indicates a lack of self confidence.


1 Mount Jupiter under Jupiter finger ( First finger)

2 Mount Saturn under Saturn finger ( Second finger)

3 Mount Apollo under Apollo finger ( Third finger)

4 Mount Mercury under Mercury finger ( Fourth finger)

5 Mount Upper and Lower Mars

6 Mount of Venus under the thumb

7 Mount of the Moon on the percussion

Mount of Jupiter

It represents fortune, confidence, a sense of authority, piousness, inclination towards religion, education, knowledge, optimism, ambition, integrity, compassion, expansion and justice. They are learned and are always prepared to help others. They don't get disturbed under difficult conditions.

These people are leaders and command others to follow them. This mount is connected with ambition. If properly deleoped with good sings it denotes kind-hearted and sympthetic.

Excessive development of the Mount of Jupiter, with unfavourable indications denote arrogance and domineering spirit, despotism, spendthrift, vindictiveness and criminal jealousy, selfish to the extreme, prone to vices such as drunkenness and gluttony.

Persons with no mount of Jupiter give little respect to their parents and elders and are found in the company of low class people.

Health indications - Vulnerability to apoplexy, cardiac diseases, stomach and intestinal disorders.

Lines and Important Signs on Mount of Jupiter

I) If a person has a single vertical line on mount of jupiter, uncrossed by other lines is destined to have a life crowned with success due to one pointed aim in life.

II) Two vertical Lines on mount of Jupiter means success in life is not so assured because of lack of one aim in life

III) Confused lines cross one another like a grille denotes sensuality and licentiousness.