Mount of Jupiter And Sign of Luck

IV) A cross on mount of jupiter is a positive sign it denotes - Happy marriage

V) A Star means achievement of one's ambition.

VI) If there is a cross and a star it signifies - Most fortunate marriage - prosperity and happiness in marital life.
VII) A Square is mostly a good sign. On jupiter mount it denotes - Protection from social disgrace.

VIII) A triangle -  Success in public life - diplomatic ability and cleverness - successful political career.

IIX) Two Stars on mount means - Success due to unexpected luck.

IX) A Black dot is rare sign and only expert palmist can correctly interpret this sign. It's not good sign - Loss of fortune and reputation.

X) Line of Fish - One of the best signs on the Mount of Jupiter - indicative of prosperity and fame, knowledge and wisdom.

XI) An Island is not a desirable, sign it denotes - Difficulties faced from external sources.

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