Guru's Transit In Kark Rashi - Jupiter's Transit In Cancer Sign and Its Effects on 12 Signs Part - II

Libra/ Tula

A Tough Year for Libra wherein most of the challenges will be related to work/ profession and job. For those who’s natal Saturn is in a tough position or who have a malefic dasha-antardasha, you need to be very careful/ cautious. Indications for losing job or falling from grace are possible. Paucity of funds and financial instability are foreseen.

Scorpio/ Vrishchik

Scorpions will have an Average Year. However, there will definitely be some relief as compared to bad year. You can expect improvement in health and mood and also the growth of new opportunities. Delays are foreseen but your success rate will definitely be up from 2013. Long distance journeys will prove fruitful.

Sagittarius / Dhanu

A Tough year that might send you to the University of Hard Knocks! This is the year to be cautious and keep things simple. You should be very conservative in financial matters. Do not take a loan or stand as Guarantee for someone/ something. Take care of your health especially the gastric system, heart health and monitor lipids periodically. This is not the year for new ambitious ventures or undertakings. you may feel restless. Therefore, try anything with a conscious mind. You may gain unexpected financial profit but, stay away from making any investment. Any investment made during this time will go useless.

Capricorn/ Makar

Very Good days are here again and the time for Gloom and Doom is over. Its action time for Capricorn! Jupiter blesses with wealth, gain of love, marriage for that eligible / inclined, improvement in health and Saturn ensures that you get promotion, higher income, recognition and victory over opposition and obstacles. Make the best use of this time for optimum benefits. This is the advice in 2013 - Don’t create flash point like situations at work place in 2013 and keep things simple. 2014 then will be a momentous year.
If you are marriageable then you may get married. Married couples will enjoy their married life

Aquarius/ Kunbha

A Tough Year is indicated for Aquarius. Be careful while borrowing/ lending money and avoid standing as a Guarantee for something/ someone. Professional life will become more challenging with more demands on you. If in business you can expect a tight situation but you shall cope up and scrape through.

However, this time is good for the matters of law and court. Jupiter transit predicts favourable results.


2014 is going to be a road for recovery. Gain of relief from problems related to fixed assets, home and family are foreseen. Also seen is gain of success in competitive examinations, increase of wealth and inclination towards spirituality and higher goals of life. Love/ Marriage/ Gain of Progeny for those eligible/ Inclined!

Profits in business matters are possible. You will avoid useless deals. If you are into a job, positive changes and promotions are highly possible. Your friends and well wishers will support you.