Guru's Transit In Kark Rashi - Jupiter's Transit In Cancer Sign

Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25th, 2013, and stays in this cardinal water sign until July 16th, 2014. See how this transit affects each zodiac sign below.
Cancer is the sign where Jupiter gets exalted and has its best powers. One can expect a lot of relief in troubles marring the world and a buoyant economy. The pall of gloom and doom is going to be lifted once Jupiter enters Cancer.


With Jupiter moving through 4th can bring challenges related to repair, renovation, relocation, rejuvenation, purchase of fixed assets and security. Arians, if you are in the mood for purchasing vehicle or planning for a property then your efforts will show results and you will buy them.
Further, Jupiter transit in 2014 suggests that you will get relief from the domestic issues which were disturbing you from long. Therefore, you will enjoy peace and harmony in your family. As a result of this Jupiter transit, not only will you get in contact with senior officials but your reputation will also increase.
Your efforts for change in job or business will yield results and you will reach new heights.


You are going to have an average year with nothing remarkable unless a beneficial dasha- anatardasha is operational. However one needs to do a balancing act as far as interpersonal relationships are concerned. There might be business delays.

If you are planning to go somewhere or planning a short journey this is the time for you. Your married life will go smoothly and you will enjoy it. Companions and business partners will support you.


Finally a lot of relief for Gemini individuals! 2014 might be the year of your resurrection and recovery. Jupiter grants a major wish fulfilment, dawn of fortune, increase of wealth, new partnerships and love. Eligible individuals blessed with matrimony. Some of the long standing problems will also get resolved.


Cancer shall have an average year with no major problems and no major success. The key for Cancer is to keep it simple and defer new work/ ventures for later. Yes, With Jupiter coming into the 1st more emphasis will be on improving health and personality. Some of the anxieties and worries will dissolve and expenditure shall come in control. Also it shall give inclination towards spirituality and pious deeds. Change of place or job is possible. Even journeys are indicated.


A tough time for the mighty Leo, a year where one might have to swallow one’s pride. A Tough year with both transits are adverse. This is the year to keep it simple, keep a low profile and staying away from trouble or creating fresh problems. Expenditure, useless travel, anxiety, problems related to house/ land and lack of comforts is foreseen. This is not the year to Start New Projects/ Ventures. This is also not a year for a job change. Hold on to what you have.


2014 promises to be a brilliant year for Virgo and if your dasha-anatardasha is also beneficial you might have what is the promised “Golden Period of Your Life”. Jupiter in 11th blesses you with a major wish fulfilment, gain of wealth, gain of recognition, awards, blesses with love/ marriage to those inclined/ eligible and Saturn gives you the courage and initiative to embark on something ambitious. It is time to achieve your most cherished goals. Plan well in advance to make the best use of this time.

If you were planning to expand your work front then this transit will bless you and will make your dreams come true. If you are in a job then possibility of improvement in your job is also strong. Also, you will get opportunities to explore new places through your job or business. You family life will remain good.