How to strengthen Jupiter And Moon - Astrological Remedies

Remedies of Jupiter in 8th House :-

(1) Wear gold or yellow colored thread around your neck every time.

(2) Donate 800 grams gram pulses in a temple for continuous 8 days.

(3) Plant a Peepal tree in the cremation ground.

(4) Donate 8 turmeric pieces in a temple for 3 continuous days.

(5) If your are being defamed because of a woman then wrap a raw jute thread which has been yellowed with turmeric powder around a peepal tree.

(6) Take care of a sadhu or a spiritual person who is of the age of your grandfather.

(7) Float articles related to Rahu like wheat, Jo, coconut etc. in flowing water.

(8) Donate ghee, potato or camphor (kapoor) in a temple.

(9) Do not let a begger go past your house empty handed.

(10) Keep fast on Thursday.

(11) Worship Lord Vishnu.

(12) Take care of your family priest

Moon can be strengthened by following these steps :-

1) Drink water in silver vessel. Drink lots of water.

2) Wear a Silver chain in your neck with spherical silver pendant.

3) Use good amount of water for bathing.

4) Wear whites on Mondays.

5) Offer Saptadhanya to birds.

6) Try out Chandra Tratak - continuous gazing at moon. If possible chant 'Om Namah Shivay' or any Chandra mantra.

7) Read the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

8)Worship Lord Shiva. Offer water to Lord Shiva on Mondays. Chant the Shiv Pachakshar Strota.

9) Except for those who have exalted Moon (in Taurus), you can lend milk to small kids on Mondays.

10) Have lots of juices. Give water to citrus plants.

11) Do not waste water.

Out of the above 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th are quickest way to strengthen your moon.