Signs of Bad Luck - Astrological Implications And Remedies

There are various such signs of bad luck which occur suddenly trying to warn us about the coming difficulties so that we can be saved and be well prepared. These signs are easy to notice and identify. Following are some such signs whose sudden occurrence maybe an indication of bad luck with some simple remedies.

1. Sudden sweating or changes in sweating pattern: This is an indication of bad venus or mars. It indicates disinterest in married life in future. Bad effect of venus can cause increase in or accumulation of fat. If sweat starts occurring a lot on your forehead it means you are undergoing tension and depression and that you need mental rest. Sweating of palms and feet indicates weak heart. If sweat gives bad odour it is an indication of struggle, hard work in your life. It may also indicate hormonal problems. Blood Pressure needs to be checked. Sweating behind ears indicates danger of diabetes and thyroid should be checked.

2. Rough and cracked feet: This is an indication of bad effect of Rahu (Dragon’s Node) in future. As a remedy worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Leave a piece of glass in flowing water on saturday.

3. Black spots on face: If sudden black spots occur on face, forehead then it is an indication of weak sun and also indicates difficulties related to father, post/position, image in near future. It is also an indication of major changes in life in near future. To make the changes favourable following remedies can be done: apply almond oil on the spots, apply potato, lemon and aloe vera. Eat walnut stale mouth in the morning. Bath twice. Put roots or leaves of Bel in bathing water. Worship with Gayatri mantra and leave jaggery (gud) in flowing water on sundays.

4. Sudden aggressiveness, anger or getting hurt frequently: These are indications of bad effects of Mars. Blood Pressure, Sugar, family problems, danger of fire, possibility of accidents in future. As a remedy worship Lord Hanuman, offer him flowers. Doing Pranayam (Anlom-Vilom) will be helpful. Wear white and avoid red. If unmarried donate red clothes, if going to be married donate jaggery, if married walk on grass with spouse. Serve bull with moong dal and jaggery for 40 days.

5. Excess saliva formation while speaking or sleeping: This is an indication of weak lungs, problems to father, weak relations with friends and relatives and damage to social image. It is also an indication of weakness, decreasing stamina and lack of rest. It may also indicate an incurable disease in future. Remedy: Avoid drinking cold water, learn pranayam, take honey with water, burn wood to form coal and flow it in water on saturday. Keep honey in a flower pot in a mud-vessel on the terrace. Eat timely and regularly. Maintain cordial relations with father.

6. Early Wear and Tear of Shoes and socks: This is an indication of ill-effects of saturn and rahu. This indicates a long term bad luck coming which will cause a lot of difficulties in life. As a remedy, sleep on time, worship rising sun, change your behaviour, leave your haughtiness, hardness and injustice. Behave well. Give water to Peepal tree. Do not take gastric food. Donate oil and udad dal (black pulses). Worship your Isht dev. Serve the flora and fauna. Serve temples and your guru whole-heartedly.

7. Excessive Dry Skin: This is an indication of bad luck. Possibility of weak liver and weak jupiter. Remedy: Worship your Guru, seek his guidance. Donate banana plant. Water banana tree.

8. Excess Dandruff: Bad effect of Rahu. Avoid driving at night or early morning. Give flour to ants. Wash hair frequently. Bath twice.

9. Lot of ants in house: If you find lot of ants in your home, don’t kill them. Instead put a little turmeric in their path. They will go away.