What is Nadi Dosh and How Does it Affects Married Life

1. Meaning of Nadi -

In Vedic astrology Nadi is based on snake like zigzag counting of Nakshatra from Ashvini for Aadi Nadi, Bharani for Madhya Nadi, Kritika for Anantya Nadi and so on. Although, there is some information of more than three Nadi use in astrology in past however, as of now mainly three Nadi are in use namely Aadi, Madhya and Anantya. The term Nadi is basically used for horoscope matching of potential bride & groom before marriage.

2. Nadi Dosh -

If birth star of potential bride and groom comes in to same Nadi, it becomes a bad combination for marital bliss. Therefore, it is called Nadi Dosh. Nadi Dosh is likely to spoil marital bliss in multiple ways. These are:-

(i). Separation of husband and wife due to any reason.
(ii). Early death of both or one of the partners.
(iii). Health related problems leading to varies miseries.
(iv). Probability of some problems in progeny.

Same Nadi is also said to be near akin to same blood stream which in some cases is not auspicious in reproduction of lineage (for some born children). This problem / malefic effect can be very easily observed among people / community who by way of their tradition, convenience, culture / religious dictates solemnize marriages among close relatives.

3. There are various Koot methods for horoscope matching. However, Ashakoot method (eight points method) is most commonly used method. This Ashtakoot order is 1.Varn, 2. Vashya, 3. Tara, 4. Yoni, 5. Grah Maitri, 6. Gankoot, 7. Bhakoot and 8. Nadi. In this case Naadi Koot is considered the supreme and has been allotted the maximum points 8 (eight) in chronological order. This means Naadikoot is most important of all the Koot and hence, it must not be compromised.

4. Following are some quotes on malefic effects of Naadi Dosh:-

(i). Ram Daivagya: दम्पत्योरेकनाड्यां परिणयमसत्।
Dampatyoraykanaadyaam PariNayanamasat.
This means marriage with Nadi Dosh will always be in-auspiciousness and will lead to lack of marital bliss / happiness.

(ii). Vrah Mihira:
आद्येकनाड़ी कुरुते वियोगं मध्याख्यनाड्यामुभयोर्विनाशम्।
अन्त्ये च वैधव्यमतीवदुखखं तर्माच्च तिरत्रः परिवर्जनीयाः॥
Aadayeknaadi Kurutay Viyogam, Madhyaanaakhyanaadymubhayorvinaasham.
Antyae Ch Vaidhavyamateevadukham Taramaachcha Tiratrah Parivarjaneeya.
The meaning of this Shloka is:-

(A). Aadi Nadi Dosha may lead to Viyog / separation.

(B). Madhya Nadi Dosh may lead to death of both in early life (it could be due to disease / accident).

(C). Anantaya Nadi Dosh may lead to widowhood / widower hood.

5. In context of death one should note that in philosophy of Vedic astrology death is of eight types and hence should not be interpreted only physical death. Living under shock, coma, incurable serious disease, miseries, strained relations, extreme poverty etc all come in category of Mrityu / death.

Nadi Dosha should not be taken for granted as shown in Horoscope matching tables. There are many exceptions where Naadi Dosh can be ignored due to various other factors / rules. There are certain Naxatra / Rashi where Nadi Dosh is not applicable. I shall try to cover that part in a separate article at some other time.