Successful Businessman Hand in Palmistry

There are certain basic guidelines, short-cuts, that can help a layman gauge his/her inclination and chances of success in business.

A square palm is the first pre-requisite to incline a native toward business and make him a successful businessman.
The Pic shows

1. Finger of Mercury
2. Mount of Mercury
3. Line of Business.

A well developed Mount of Mercury indicates success in business. A small triangle on the Mount of Mercury indicates extra-ordinary success and achievement in business.
A branch from life line OR a independent line from the plateau towards the Mt. of Mercury indicates business success, also known as Line of Business. If the line is strong and undisturbed, then you tend to have a strong business sense as well as the strength to work hard to make money.
It is important to notice that a successful businessman will not have any Sign of net on their mount of Mercury, and their little Finger (Finger of Mercury) will be a bit longer. Somewhat crooked little finger imparts shrewdness.

The Pic shows

1. Life Line in Red
2. Head Line in Green
A short Head Line is ideal for business. Also, a Head Line closely connected with Life Line drives one to a business of his own, especially when there are two precise prongs at the end. If the Head Line of a person turns upwards under the Mount of Mercury or Mount of Sun, such a native is bound is indicative of interest to be a shrewd businessman, one who will achieve extraordinary and unprecedented success in his business ventures.

Suppose, If any line is coming from the head line towards the mount of mercury, than it Indicates that, person will be Greatly successful and prosperous in his area of work. He would be a Great Business man He will earn Millions with his own efforts and will surely have a satisfied life.
A person who has a long heart line going right across from one end to the other, ending below the Jupitor Mount cannot do business. Too much of heart is the reason.
If the centre of the palm is hollow, then the native is likely to suffer huge financial losses. Such natives should take minimum risk in their business ventures.